Naked pictures on social media, really? And you crib about blokes hitting on you? *applause*

It amazes me how women objectify themselves and then have the gall to complain about men acting like wolves. I thought these stupid social media sites had crap detectors but, dear God, I had the nastiest surprise ever when I got a video of a couple making out – in my feed. Very, very and I will use that word – gross.

It’s funny how feminism has turned into total and utter rubbish, it’s more like whore-ism. Don’t get me wrong, there are actual feminists out there. These women, who epitomize every bit “Women are from Venus”, do not feel the need to pose suggestively on social media.

It’s kinda sad how guys get all the blame when many girls are the ones who make it look like every other girl is as easy as they are. And no, I am not supporting men, I just feel that this whole perverse and naked bandwagon needs to stop.

(About time I stopped following people back.)


54 thoughts on “Objectification of Venus

  1. Good call! Social media is destructive to the concept of intimacy, especially when our culture already has too many social maladapted customs in place. And, another good call for sharing the blame; both men and women in today’s world have a completely skewed, and screwed up, idea of how to relate to others, and both must change, if the world is ever to grow up into any stable form that embraces our real humanity….

    You’ve given me an idea for a rant on this; keep an eye out for it on my site in a few days….

    Nice to see YOUR crap detector is still functional….

    gigoid, the dubious…


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  2. I had a good laugh at this rant. But you are right, it amazes me how some now equal feminism to whorism, like how on earth do they co-relate? I’m a fan of everyone doing their thing once it doesn’t interfere with my affairs.
    So you can be stark naked, snap different half naked selfies with different delectable male species; that’s freedom. It’s not feminism. Please people should get educated and learn to make distinctions

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  3. It just seems a bit sad to me, as they–and I include dudes who do the same exhibitionist things–post these things because they desperately want the endorphins created by seeing those cheap “likes.” I don’t see how those who post racy pictures of themselves equates to feminism, though. It goes both ways, shitty dudes post their shirtless pics in hopes of getting any positive attention too.

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  4. I am not sure if sexuality is gross in any form of consensual voyeurism. People have weird emotional fetishes, I let them be.

    But what is grossly stupid is showcasing it on social media without thinking about the consequences, both culturally and personally.

    One thing though lass, expression of one’s nudity can be artistic too but there are niche forums for it.

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  5. Not supporting man you said…..Common! You couldn´t live without us, you do need to support us in some way shape or form. Or live without me really.

    I have a theory about feminist that will probably piss you off. Theory : It´s outdated.

    They did good things for women way back in the 60 and 70 and maybe some more years, but we are in the year 2015 and I´m pretty sure there is no “war” on woman. At least if you live in a first world civilised country. The feminist movement as I see it has turned into a big BIG political lobby that has to always invent something, some bad thing that is happening to women in order for the money to keep flowing their way.

    Talk about the feeds, you said you got one with a couple making out? That´s nothing, I actually got a post in my feed of girls showing everything and doing everything, sexually that is. Quite amazed that, that blog would get in my feed. But hey, women are quite much more “free spirited” now than when even I was growing up, and I´m not that old I´m 32. You could say that they are a bit more “loose” when it comes to sexuality. Doesn´t bother me, each to his or her own. As long as they are happy and don´t make any problems in my life.

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      1. Nope, that´s not at all too much to ask for. I actually don´t know why people would post things like that, or look at the teenagers now a days, the girls that are just a bunch of little girls putting out videos of them in facebook in sexual positions. That´s crazy in my opinion. Social media is changing a lot of human behaviour if you ask me. Hopefully there are more humans with their head in the right place to use that change for good things instead of some crazy things. But humans are humans and there will always be a percentage of them that will do crazy naughty things.

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      2. Yes, there as always been crazy things going on in the world like in ancient times as well. But the situation now is daunting, since the door to the world, opens via your smart phone. You have this global presence and no limits as to location, space and culture. The influence SM has and the behavioral pattern observed in the race to follow the trend, it trending low and weird. You may rant, you may disagree, I see this as the new human evolution. You say this is disgrace, but hey you are in the same time frame and yet you think otherwise from them, so I am glad, there is nothing that can ever override the sense and good things. Keep smiling 🙂
        Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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      3. If you point exactly where I said this is a disgrace I´d be more than thankful or maybe buy some glasses since I don´t see it anywhere. Did you really read my comment?…..
        Hey, I´m smiling!! 🙂
        Stay Frosty my friend

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      4. No No
        I am not exactly repeating your words
        You here is generic statement from anyone who says so, that’s my poetic way of typing things when thoughts strike.

        Oopsie Doopsie, if my sentences were so vague. Just ignore the fact that my reply comes after you 🙂

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