Welcome to yet another blogpisode of my amazingly popular (I’m kidding, of course) WTF Wednesday!

First things first, my stethoscope gave up the ghost. Let’s all take a moment to mourn Her tragic death. Yes, I name my stuff. It helps me bond, and also minimizes the chances of all tools and machines having full-blown vendettas against me. Now, back to my lovely stethoscope – she was called Docsophagus. Yes, a she. Go on, laugh your lungs out. I ain’t batting my liberally-coated-with-mascara lashes.

So now I’m on the hunt for a glittery pink stethoscope that makes me feel like candyfloss unicorn. Recommendations, anyone?

I ALSO GOT ELBOWED IN THE RIBS BY A COW. And Simba clawed at my brand new shirt and drooled all over my sleeves. So much love in the air, y’all. Important tip: Shih Tzus have ADD. They are distracted by peanut butter. And motorcycle noises terrify them. If you happen to own one, tempt him with peanut butter cookies and he’ll behave like the best angel, ever.

Check out his teeth.

Did anyone else think that Tom Cruise is awfully lackadaisical in the latest Mission Impossible movie? (Do not watch it if it’s dubbed in Hindi, it’ll suck bananas. Just a heads up. You’re welcome.) It was so bad, I needed some sugar rush. Good riddance to bad diet!

So yum. It totally explains my current size - house.

37 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – #11

  1. Your shih tzu looks almost exactly like mine!
    Mine actually loves to chase after motorcycles though.
    The minute he hears one, he starts running and since he’s on a leash, it means he drags me with him.

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  2. Yeah, I wasn’t too excited to go see the new Mission Impossible: Easy Money Grab movie and I think your review justifies that. I would lightly mock you for naming your things but I’m too busy admiring the imagination it takes to craft “Docsophagus.”

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  3. Dude so far you’re like the coolest doctor I know of. All the other doctors are usually stuffy and don’t have cool blogs like this, I hope when I become a doctor I’m like you lol. Your post is hilarious and I’m sorry about your stethoscope.

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  4. Docsophagus? Is that a combination of doctor and oesophagus? Because if it is, I’d like to know how stethoscope and oesophagus are related
    while you’re at it, do cows have elbows? I’m confused

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    1. Esophagus isn’t really related to the steth, but bowel and breath and heart totally are. I tried naming her Dociver and Doceth and meh, didn’t appeal to me. Yes, cows have elbows when they’re chewing cud sitting down.

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      1. Docsphagus is good, then
        you spell it esophagus? I thought you’d spell it the other way because the British…and…never mind
        so one just elbowed you in the ribs? the nerve! get your revenge! have a hamburger. there’s a 3% chance the cow had a crush on that burger before it was a burger

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