…out of genetic and medical anomalies, in my opinion.

Why this weird blog post out of nowhere, you ask? I was watching AHS: Freakshow all over again, and I can NOT WAIT till Hotel comes out. The freaks totally got me thinking maybe monsters were born this way too. They started out as ‘freaks.’ Right?

Think about it.

Aliens. Monsters with two faces. Monsters with two heads. Cave monster.

I’m thinking, progeria. Diprosopus. Conjoined twins. Neurofibromatosis.

Picture courtesy: nationalgeographic.com

Aliens. Kids with progeria age real fast and end up looking like this. This could totally have spawned the alien theory, because they are ALWAYS portrayed this way.

Edward Mordrake. He suffered from diprosopus, a rare condition in which the face gets duplicated elsewhere on the head. He claimed the face at the back of his head would actually talk to him, leading him to commit suicide. Now, I don’t know about the voices. Unless of course, he was schizophrenic and went crazy.


Two-headed monsters. Siamese twins! Just like Bette and Dot Tattler from AHS. REMEMBER HOW THE MILKMAN FREAKED WHEN HE SAW THEM?! Medical anomalies look terrifying, and then get blown out of proportion, and people insist they’ve seen monsters.


Cave monster. Neurofibromatosis, really.

Monsters are kind of totally misunderstood. Which is sort of sad because they are actually people too, with anomalies. Maybe if we gave them a chance, there’d be a lot less terror in the world.

What’s ironic is people with perfectly formed heads and brains and features are the ones who insist on destroying cities and other people.

When will this madness stop?


17 thoughts on “How Were Monsters Born?

  1. Your point of irony at the end shows the real message of the word ‘monster’, which is that perception is reality, for most people, who thus define a monster as any anomalous physical trait they don’t understand…. In reality, a “monster’ , of any kind, is really just a creature that preys upon other creatures of its own kind….

    Or, of course, Godzilla….

    I figure most of the leaders of the world fit my definition of monsters…. as do rapists, bankers, pimps, mercenaries, priests, and any number of other of humanity’s scum…. We don’t generally see monsters in other species.


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      1. It gives evidence of exactly what you said about using the mind for creation instead of destruction…. It’s Shiva/Kali vs. Ganesha/Krishna, Yahweh vs. Satan, Entropy vs. Order, the eternal struggle of the two sides of our nature…. We are seeing it played out on a global scale….

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  2. I don’t know anything about monsters or even American Horror Story, but you need to watch The Strain. Vampires taking over New York! It should be on Hulu or Amazon now. Season 1, at least. Season two is on FX now.

    The end of your post is spot on.

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