There are about a gazillion mysterious things I don’t understand, and my country occupies the top spot on that list. Almost seventy years of “Independence” and what do we have?

Take a look.

1. Hospitals that make people sicker and spread TB super efficiently.

2. Infanticide. Yes, still.

3. Abuse. Looks like it’ll keep getting stronger.

4. Narrow mindset. Unless you’re a doctor or an engineer, you’re not human? Wow. I applaud thee, Indian parents.

5. Labeling. As in, labeling women “easy” if they are in shorts and/or red lipstick.

6. The country pays for the crappy movies, but won’t improve communication in villages.

7. Villages? They’re getting converted to industrial belts. Soon, we’ll be breathing and eating concrete.

8. Banning porn to change mindsets. I don’t understand how this helps. I’ll never understand.

9. Diaspora. *kill me*

10. Population explosion. This is here to stay and not one of our political readers is trying to stop this. Where do we live next? On telephone wires? Why isn’t anyone doing what China’s done, and forcing couples to have two kids at the most?

Saare jahaan se acha? Not so much. If our freedom fighters knew this was gonna happen, they’d have surrendered to the British. At least the British built something. And now? Terrorism is destroying all of it.

Jai Hind, and I’m being sarcastic.


37 thoughts on “69 Years of Crap

  1. Chill girl. Get out before it is too long. Every place has its own crap to deal with. We are more of what is happening here in India. Had you been at Gaza dealing with the bomb blast or at Nigeria, where Boko Haram is creating menace you would be complaining too. Every country has their own issues to deal with. I won’t say it has been 68 of crap only.
    There has been positives to take too. Had you been under British rule, I am certain you wouldn’t be blogging here because they had your Right to free speech curtailed. You see everything has it pros and cons.

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  2. I don’t know, the people, the narrow minded, backward, racist, sexist, hypocrites are horrible. The worst. But not everyone’s like that. And India would actually be an amazing place to live in with it’s culture and food and whatnot. But yes, the people and overpopulation. All I’m saying is, India has a lot of potential. But the potential is just sitting there, collecting dust and rusting. I love India. Not the people. Also, every country has shit to deal with, so India isn’t the only country with problems. Even USA, a superpowers has tons of problems (I have to study them for Model UN, so it is true) India isn’t horrible, it can change, but only if the mindsets of people who think it can’t change, change.

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      1. My dear, you aren’t bad at at all for expressing your opinions on YOUR blog.
        Try living in America “the *greatest* (said with dripping sarcasm) country in the world) and trying to speak out in disagreement against ANYTHING here. You’ll be ostracized. Freedom of speech is supposed to be our FIRST CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT… but God forbid you ACTUALLY SPEAK FREELY…

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      2. Only Austin, Texas is worth a damn. The rest is the state is fucking hell on earth!


  3. Good rant….

    It’s a big world; maybe you should go see some of it?…. And, stay there….

    Even though I’m “of a certain age”, I’m still looking for my Home; I thought it was somewhere here in the US, where I was born, but, it’s hard when I insist on finding a place where the people aren’t, well, let’s be frank, too stupid to live…. Still searching…

    But, if I’m not happy where I am, I don’t see any point in sticking around, when there’s so many other places I haven’t seen yet… All it takes is will power, and organization… You seem to have plenty of both, if you can point them in the right (for you) direction….

    See ya…. hopefully, in, oh, how ’bout Paris?…. Or, maybe, Amsterdam?…. Ah, Hawaii….

    Meantime, try to have some fun…. Ditching the (broken) parental units will help….

    Blessed Be….



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      1. I’ll repeat your words; easier said than done; I’m not TOO old, just “of a certain age”. Being, or, even feeling old doesn’t always mean one feels poorly, though that is an unfortunately frequent occurrence. It only means one is currently more aware of the weight of the years….

        When you get this far down the path, you will know, even more so, how true it is to say one is only as old as one feels…. Sometimes, feeling one’s age is unavoidable; it doesn’t mean we’d want to be younger.

        And, yes, leaving home is easier said than done; but, it has to be said, then, it can be done. Perhaps it is the expression of the need to go that furnishes one with the impetus to act… but, saying it means little if the action doesn’t follow. It means one has resigned oneself to never changing, a sure death, both spiritually, and, eventually, physically….

        Be strong, little one… If you need help, just ask…


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      2. Still working on that one; however, my email address is on my About page. Feel free to write; I’m full of ideas… we won’t say what else might be in there….

        Since I’m old enough to be your grandad, and I’m NOT a perv, you can rest assured I have no ulterior motive. If I can help you figure out an escape route, I would like to do so…even if we never meet… I’d feel better knowing you are in a place safer for you, where you would have more of a chance to be yourself… Just the way I’m hard-wired I guess…



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  4. Good morning Lil ranter… I actually think that this post helped my depression. You made me smile several times… as you usually do, so I feel a little better than I did before I read it. If I hadn’t read the “70 years of independence” first… I would have sworn that you were talking about the U.S. I guess it’s not much different wherever we go…
    Great post though… Hope things are better for you today…
    Have some beautiful moments mixed in there somewhere…

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    1. Good Morning, Michael! I’m glad this helped…there’s also one other thing I do when I want to let loose – I scream in the washroom, with water running.

      And drat. I thought USA was amazing.

      My beautiful moments usually involve spending a lot of moolah on makeup and pizza and donuts! *heaven already*

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