Okay, this will be a crappy rant. So brace yourself.

Have you ever watched a TV show that was so oddly, grossly unfascinating to watch, that you didn’t know whether to stop or carry on? And the minute you stopped watching, you just had to know what happened next? No, I’m not talking about KUWTK.

I’m talking about The Secret Life of The American Teenager.

I’m pretty sure American teenagers, or teenagers ANYWHERE, for that matter use the word “sex” as many times. In EVERY FRIGGIN’ SENTENCE. I’m also pretty sure even rabbits do not bop as much. And cool parents like that?! I mean, look at Amy’s Mum. I can’t even… Like seriously, this show sent across the worst message, ever. Still does, because they’re showing it on Indian tv. What’s worse, it’s grossly gripping when you live in a Hellhole with no social life.

Teenage pregnancy isn’t cool. It’s also harmful to the mother and the kid. Who endorses these shows? Boy, am I glad they stopped it. I’m also seriously mad at S for getting me to watch it. Now I’m scarred for life! (The only good thing is Adrian’s makeup.)

I’m sorry for yet another random blog post. I seem to have lost my touch. I’ll recover, though. I hope.

Have you watched it? What did you think?


46 thoughts on “Scarred For Life!

  1. I watched this series when it was airing on TV and actually enjoyed watching it. I wasn’t exactly happy with the way it ended, but it was just one of those shows where I had to know what was happening next. Sometimes I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to keep watching it, but I always decided to keep on. lol.

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  2. Someone said I stopped watching TV. I say I don’t own one 😛 Miss the football matches though. For TV series, there are more of them coming out than TOI prints toilet papers everyday.

    have a good day 🙂

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  3. Don’t stereotype and generalize, LR. My mom and dad had me when they were 20 and 19. Mrs. B had her two when she was 18 and 19. The world went on. These people did the best they could and loved their kids and had good morals … You’re talking about a dramatic TV show, where they go for viewership with over-the-top story lines. Don’t forget that. Now if you’re saying these TV people set a bad example, OK. But watch how broad that stripe your brush makes, LR.

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