Seriously, you guys. You can NOT BELIEVE WHAT I GO THROUGH. Or what every girl – and doctor – goes through.

Now, I love routine. I don’t know why clockwork appeals to me. (Maybe that’s why A Clockwork Orange appealed to me? I don’t know.) I like my morning jog. I can’t live without my morning tea. Can you imagine how annoying it gets when your Mum locks you in and says, “No jogging today. You’re already way too skinny!” at the top of her lungs at five in the morning?

What I look like. Definitely NOT skinny. Also, please excuse the dirty mirror.

Yep. Today started on a sour note.

Can’t blame my poor Mum really. I am a certified nutter on the loose. Speaking of nutters and nutterbutters, I have one question: Why do we hit the self-destruct button all the time?

I’ve seen it everywhere. People always do that. Making compromises. Making hard choices. It all boils down to one thing: sacrifice. I am one of those crazy hobos that actually complicates my own life. I take nice people, twist them in every way possible and blame them for hurting me. I’ve called people leeches when now, in fact, I realise I’m that leech, not them. I hold on and I don’t let go. I’m like frigging cancer. I don’t give up. I like attention, I’m like that needy baby, greedy baby from Beverly Hofstadter’s book. The truth finally hits home.

Major WTF moment.

I’ll admit, it doesn’t feel nice realising you’re the bad guy.

Speaking of another reason why Wednesdays suck – doing my eyebrows is a major pain in the neck. How does everyone else get it so perfect on the first attempt? Help me out. I gotta stop looking like Pitbull with cerebral palsy. Also, I’m bunking work tomorrow, because:


67 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – #12

  1. I like to think that pink thing hanging from your phone comes to life when you’re not looking and recites Lewis Carroll in a tiny little whisper.
    That pink thing looks like a thneed in disguise.

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      1. Pinkfetti’s better. Easier to break into two words. Also makes me wiser in my quest to find out “why confetti?”
        Why confetti? Does Pinkfetti (now also known as Undercover Thneed, you can’t stop me) spontaneously burst into confetti shower when s/he/it gets too excited?

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      2. Can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not. I’ll assume you’re not being sarcastic and proceed to join CSI, with these skills of deduction I seem to possess.

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  2. Since I’ve already been exposed to your sense of humor, I won’t worry about this one…. LOL!

    It all seems to come at you at once, doesn’t it? And, yes, introspection can be painful. Indispensable, though, for those who like to live with any dignity and honor…

    As for your nutter Mum; she may be wrong about the good qualities of jogging, but, she is at least correct in implying you are NOT too fat. If the picture is real, which I assume it is, the only thing you’ll need to do is to carry a bigger stick to beat off the suitors…. Don’t use the societal norms as a judge; take it from us guys; we like to see those curves, at least to a healthy extent…. Twiggy was NOT attractive, neither are any of the models they use to drape fashions on… they all look to me like they’re about to pass out from hunger….

    Good venting post; I’m sure you feel better now….




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      1. Oh my God. You’re so lovely. And hear hear! On that real men point. It’s just me. Obsessed with my waistline. Lol. And thank you!!!!! And I might have to delete your comment:P


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