Currently I have like, two friends. And they are amazing, trust me. But they also make me do crazy things. Crazy being, doing some or the other form of role-playing.

Today I played Sherlock.

Ananda (bff, brother-from-another-mother, et cetera) has a shoebox apartment, that this super old guy – we’ll call him SOG – rented out to him. Apparently, SOG is totally renting out A’s appartment while A’s out of town. Spare keys. Of course, A sent me over to investigate. What did he instruct me to look for? Lights. Shoes. Dusty footprints. Maybe the faint odor of incense.

“Bring out your inner Sherlock,” A said.

Being the gigantic dolt that I am, I went over to spy on SOG on my way home from my morning run. Nearly got caught poking around. Here’s a tip: when you’re spying on people, remember to tiptoe. In my haste, I’d totally forgotten to do that, accidentally dropping my earphones on the stairs. And then I kind of ran like a pack of headless chickens. Obviously, duh. Sherlock doesn’t get caught.

The sky looks like this when I'm out jogging. Completely empty streets.

Needless to say, I couldn’t reach a conclusion as my attempt to spy got totally interrupted by SOG. Or was it someone else? I never stopped to check. I’m going over tomorrow. Again. It’s totally illegal for the landlord to rent out an apartment that someone else is already paying rent for. And I am going to do the right thing and smack him if he’s rented out A’s apartment. *gets into Sherlock mode*

Wish me luck.


38 thoughts on “The Time I Was Sherlock

  1. Well, as the obligatory worrier, I’ll repress what I would say, to merely say, please be careful… it might be a good idea, as well, to actually pick out a Watson, (preferably a large, menacing Watson), to take along with you, just for luck, and, backup, in case of actually getting caught in reality…. People who do illegal things don’t like to get caught, and may object forcefully….

    Otherwise, have fun, and keep your ears & eyes open….

    Stick some ground black and/or cayenne pepper in your pocket; it’s a very good low-tech version of Mace, surprisingly effective when blown/thrown directly in someone’s face (very good on dogs, too…)…. Seriously, it’s handy to have, in case of objectionable night-wanderers… human or canine…

    See ya, & be careful, Sherlock…


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    1. Hahaha. Find me a Watson. And ooh, the cayenne pepper sounds lovely but I’m sure I’ll accidentally get some in my own eye first! (Yes, I’m that careful. Lol!)

      And I will be careful. I hope he hasn’t found my earphones.

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        Oh, right…. you weren’t. Well, for goodness sake, the only thing for you to do is a) buy new ones, and, b) the others aren’t yours, you’ve never seen them, you don’t even like the color….

        You really are new at this, aren’t you?….

        You might think of a practice run with your new Watson, before actually trying out your new detective skills on the real world….

        Just a thought…

        gigoid, the very dubious, the more he thinks about this….


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      2. Oh.


        Maybe showing your face there isn’t such a good idea, unless you go in disguise… Any good Sherlock knows how to look like someone else….

        Just teasing; but, do be careful… and, use some of those neurons I know you have, BEFORE setting out…. At least have a plan, even if you have to throw it out as useless…

        Or, just stake the place out from across the street with your camera for evidence of traffic in and out of the apartment, including lights on in the windows at night…. Much safer, a stakeout….


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  2. Loads to say. I’ll keep it brief.
    You left your earphones there? If previous events (RE: Pinkfetti Undercover Thneed) are anything to go by, your stuff is really easily identifiable. You urgently need a Watson.
    You go out that early? I can tell it’s early because there’s no light coming out of most of the windows in that photo, the pseudo-indigo hue of the sky resultant from the position of the sun in relation to Europa and oh, yes – THE PITCH BLACK ALL AROUND YOU! I envy your ability to be a morning person (I assume you’re a morning person).

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