Okay. I’m going to this concert tomorrow night. And I’m freaking out. I’ve never been to an actual concert like this before, all on my own, without parents hovering around, so I need your help!

Help being – what do I WEAR?

I don’t want to wear something dumb and end up embarrassing myself. And at the same time, I don’t want to look like a drag queen from Thailand. Suggestions, people?

Did I mention I’m way too excited? I can’t even breathe. I actually have two tickets, and for a while, I didn’t have a plus one, so I’m bringing my cousin’s roommate. Who’s lovely and fun and as obnoxiously loud as I am, so it’s gonna be fun! Yay. I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry that I sound like an excited two year old. So, give me outfit ideas! Fast.

I can’t do this without y’all.

And about my Sherlock update, there’s no illegal activity – for now. I’ll update y’all, in detail, on Monday. Also, please pray for me: I don’t want to burst like that bird from Shrek (that explodes when Fiona sings), but gaaaaah, I’m JUST SO EXCITED!!!!

Painted my nails red for the occasion💅😁

51 thoughts on “Help A Girl Out!!

  1. Autumn Muse at St.John’s? I went last year šŸ™‚ it was fun ! wear something related to the band mate. Or if you’re just there for the music, you need to button up coz it’s getting all chilly in the city,and it’s an open stadium.

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      1. That’s good enough ! No heels, pliss. You’d die! It’s an open stadium! Last time we got free coke, as in coca cola šŸ˜› so just stick near the refreshment stands.

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      2. Awww. I have people in st.John’s šŸ™‚ I’d probably get tickets in a second if I call now (my best friend is a senior there) but I don’t listen to POTF! Thanks for the love though :* HAVE FUN. Leave home early coz koramangala traffic

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  2. Any fashion advice from me would be pretty useless, as well as two or three decades out of date, so, I’ll just say, yes, don’t wear heels, and, don’t wear a skirt. Pants are more comfortable in a crowd, and are warmer if it’s cold…

    Try not to explode, it would make it hard to pick the right accessories….. and, matching the lipstick would be a nightmare!

    Have fun…


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      1. Well, that was my thought as well, but, I didn’t want to say it, in case it gave anyone ideas. I know it’s a problem in your country, as it is all over the world too much… Anywho, pants will make it easier to relax & have fun…


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  3. Poets of the Fall? That’s Rock, right? The most appropriate outfit would be a bunch of pebbles/boulders glued to your entire body get it? Because you’re going to a ROCK concert? Haha! Hahahaha! Ha-ha! Haaa. Haaa-aa. Yeah. I suck at jokes.
    Just wear a short-sleeved or sleeveless t-shirt. Bring a sweater along too. Best to pick wool/cotton over denim. Wear jeans – ripped jeans look great at concerts. Sneakers or boots – no open shoes, they don’t go well with the excitement. Heels are optional depending on your balancing abilities. Tie your hair in a knot. Mean people yank on hair a lot. Hair also gets caught in stuff. You could wear a hat. Go easy on the accessories. Mean people yank on those a lot as well. Did I miss anything?

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  4. My advice for a concert is something practical. Especially if you plan on going into the crowd/dancing/moshing/whatever. I had fairly long hair for a while and recommend putting it up somehow if you do plan on trying to get close to the front and all that. Sweaty people all around is pretty gross and getting hair tangled in with that is awful.
    Unless, of course, there are assigned seats rather than an open floor. Then disregard everything.
    Have fun!

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  5. I was gonna say wear a sari, but your idea works too šŸ˜› šŸ˜›

    There might be a lot of swaying involved so no dangling things I suppose. Also, handbag is better vs clutch. Just sayin…

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