I normally never do these recap things but, August’s been super eventful for me. And I obviously had to share this with y’all. So, without further ado, things that happened this August:

1. I finally Indianized myself. This being, buying loads of kick-butt, ethnic, Indian-looking jewelry. And wearing them. And resisting the urge to peel my ears off. Have a look:

Pretty, right?

2. More jewelry news. I’m contemplating getting my nose pierced. How I’m going to get that done, given my phobia of needles, is another story. I posted this picture on Instagram for a while (my id is @pinkfetti – you know, like pink confetti, don’t laugh) and my fellow bloggers said it looked nice, so I probably will get my nose pierced – once I muster the courage. I know, I know. I’m having a bit of a DQM* so okay, I’ll stop now.


3. Saw Poets of the Fall live in concert. They were amazing, like I said earlier, even though the whole place was jam-packed. It was my first ever live concert so yeah, I’m still excited. It was that good. The best part? It was a frigging full moon night!

4. I ate a whole entire platter of food all my myself. Kobe’s Sizzlers, Bangalore, is pure foodgasm. I don’t care if I grow into the size of a house.

Yes. All by myself.

5. Bought my first ever high-end makeup stuff. I’m not going to elaborate, but Charlotte Tilbury happens to be on the list.

6. Turned into Sherlock. And I did a pretty good job. Apart from the fact that I lost my earphones for good. News flash: he isn’t renting out my friend’s apartment, whew.

So me.

7. Fell in love. With an actual person, and it’s going amazingly well. Maybe one day, I’ll be giving out all the deets but for the moment, I want y’all to know that I’m happier than a fat cream-fed kitten who’s also smoking a ton of pot. It’s like I’m happy and high. Haphigh. Yeah. I just made up a new word. Hahaha.

Finally a reason to say stuff like this.


Also, how do I know I’m in love? I’m sleeping better. I probably emit cute little snores. If my Mum had a baby monitor, we’d all know. Anyway, the bottom line is I’m FRIGGING HAPPY. Pray it lasts y’all. Pray for me. I jinx everything. This one I don’t want to.

Aaaaah. Happiness.

*DQM – Drama Queen Moment.

Image source: Google.


28 thoughts on “August Recap🎀

  1. Great post and happy to hear. You Rock Sooch!! I think Indian jewelry is beautiful and the food out of this world…. curry potatoes —–oh yeah.

    Just a little rain on your parade. Not a down pour just kind of a misty, sprinkling kind of rain. Can’t you wear a nose thing without the piercing? Body mutilation, to me is a little hard core. I include tattoos in that also. But I know I’m behind the curve on this too old and all of that. The female body with no piercing or tattoos is so beautiful. Creepy/pervy I know but I had to say it.

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      1. I’m a big fan of Indian food we used to have a great little restaurant -best curry potatoes ever! I haven’t found another place like that. But I’ve enjoyed some of the samples our students will occasionally share or at a special event. Recently Thai has taken its place, Thai curry soup -Er-Ma-Gerd outstanding.
        I think clip ons is the way to go. No one needs to know and no worry about infections and scars.

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