I’ve been getting so many texts I’ve got a carpal tunnel, only in my brains. I kid you not, the headache is the size of a friggin’ football.

Welcome to yet another faaaaaaaaaabulous blogpisode of WTF Wednesday!

I’m hopped up on coffee and it’s 4 in the morning, and I’m supposed to be sleeping, but you know…

I've lost track of how many times this has happened to me.

I haven’t slept in months. And it’s not the happy side effect of having fallen in love, it’s just, well, life. 2015 has majorly rock-suck-ed so far. Why both at once? I haven’t seen my Dad in months. Since February 8th to be precise. I miss him heaps, and I miss fighting over the treadmill at the home gym with him. The stuffing our faces with street food. The, well, everything. Poor thing has been working out so much, he’s developed a working set of tiny, but well defined abs. Just like Valeria Lukyanova.

I hope Dad ain't reading this. Hahaha.


NEWS FLASH: S HAS A HOT NEIGHBOR. He’s so hot you’d feel distinctly hot below the collar. And I’m not kidding you. I’m this cold fish that never really checks people out, but hello, this guy? His looks demand to be subjected to a through checking out. Now, where are X-Ray glares when you need ’em?!

And yes, I’m still in love. Somebody’s girlfriend. I should NOT be checking out other guys. Right? What does this make me?!

Small comfort.

Oh my God. I sound so desperate! But it’s so unfair that my neighbor happens to be a million year old nosy woman and S gets all the hot ones! (If you’re reading this, S, hahaha. I wish I had a hot neighbor too. *insert weird mating sound*) I guess all that insomnia and lack of protein has short-circuited my brain cells.

I need some fried chicken, now.


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