I have a question.

Who came up with the concept of “soul mates”? I want to smack them. Like, it’s the crappiest crap I’ve ever come across.

It’s like God made us in his own image, only super flawed. No matter how much we airbrush ourselves, we are never perfect.

There are always things we can’t let go of. People we can’t let go of, at least in our heads. These people? Soul mates.

I used to be skeptical. I’d find the whole thing dumb. I’d laugh at people who’d cry over having lost their soul mates.

I used to be one of those non-believers. I’d make fun of my friends when they’d tell me things like, “There’s a perfect someone tailor made for you, just for you. But you won’t always end up together.” When I don’t end up with this person, I’ll always miss him? Like, what is that? I’ll never click with anyone else because I’m not meant to click with anyone else but him? And where is he, I’ve always wondered, is he even real? Does he even exist? That’s a lot of questions, I know.

And then things happened. Like they always happen.

You know how I mentioned we’re not perfect? I fell headfirst into a bottomless wheelie bin of love. There’s always one person you end up loving so much, you don’t want to jinx it, you protect them and you hide them away like you were carrying a giant diamond in your bra. But you end up losing that diamond anyway because you weren’t careful enough and now, you can never find that sparkle again. Am I making sense?

Every relationship has its drama. Let’s face facts, a relationship without fights would be dead, flat and naked – about as flat and naked as my face without eyeliner.

That’s besides the point. When I was younger I’d ask myself, if there’s someone who’s your so called soul mate, why is it that you can’t always have them? Why do we get into mindless relationships and subject ourselves to trial and error looking for The One? Is love really worth it?

With age, comes restraint.

I have lost track of the number of times I’ve wanted to scream in public every time a relationship went sour.

And the weirdest part is, now that I think I’ve found him, he’s not even within frequent-meeting-distance. I know he’s the one because he lets me talk makeup, and gummy bears and chocolate popcorn and pizza and doesn’t ever get mad at me. Not even when I show him screengrabs of the randomest crap imaginable. And I don’t want to let go.

The catch?

I don’t know where this is going, where it will end. What lies on the horizon. What lies beneath. If we’ll ever meet halfway. Now you know why I want to smack the person who came up with this concept. It’s the most depressing ish I’ve ever come across – and I’ve seen people die at work. The not knowing part, the uncertainty, the hesitation – it kills.


29 thoughts on “Soul Mates?

    1. I agree. People have grown up thinking love is easy, thanks to pop culture. Its not. Especially when the people are poles apart. And the design works in a way to ensure only opposite people fall for each other. So it requires effort, to make it effortless and easier as the couple grow closer eventually.

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  1. Wow this really made me think a lot! It was a beautiful read 🙂 The person who invented this concept is probably dead.. Along with his/her ‘soul mate’.

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  2. I relate to some of things in this post, some bring back worse memories than others, but I’m trying to avoid depression/sadness of any kind so I’ll ignore all that and divert my attention to the image you’ve used.
    Judging by the positioning of the axes, coloration of the special function buttons, shape of the D-pad and lack of both a cord and a screen on the controller itself, I’d say it’s a Playstation 3.

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      1. of course….I’ve already posted it/ it’s called ‘ this is what I see when I look./ there’s a second on e I did a while back called/ where as…..your a terrific image to write about…

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  3. i believe in soul mates,because its as if two angels lost in a world of unknown saw a soul without a mask on and could relate and in this life only a handful of people ever truly get you and feel the same. i enjoyed your take however and it makes you think and reflect. peace

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