Before I start with my usual rant, you need to check this guy out. The video is called “Cymatics” – – and it’s amazeballs.

Moving on.

I just don’t understand why, why, why and WHY do all the women on Indian soap operas always have ten pounds of makeup on. Like, they go to bed in sarees and three pounds of costume jewelry – and a full face of makeup.

..also incidentally this character's name rhymes with the sound of a sneeze.

Speaking of Indian soap operas, why are the lead actresses supposed to act so vapid, so limp-wristed and so clumsy, and why do they always have to slip, only to fall into the waiting arms of the thoroughly Abercrombified (minus the blond hair) male leads?

Dear God. No wonder Indian TV shows sucketh bananas.

I will never comprehend the mystery of women’s undies. Take a look:


Seriously, who invented the G-string? Am I the only one who feels like they’re the uncomfiest things, ever?! How does one function with stuff stuck between the closet doors? Ouch. Also, awkward.

Also, I don’t understand how dieting makes me fat. I’ve lost seven kilos and my cheeks still look like Theodore the chipmunk’s.

Imma be like.

And finally, how many of you agree with this?


40 thoughts on “Things I Just DON’T Get

  1. Granny panties forever!!! I agree with the Indian soap operas! I don’t understand why they overdo the whole ‘damsel in distress’ plot but how it becomes popular despite/because of that is what’s even more baffling. :$

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  2. On my younger years, I really did wear g-string underwear and I thought they were really comfy. Really! It felt so good to allow my “cheeks” freedom. LOL I’ve since thrown away all those sexy underthings and now wear well, comfy for me. 😉 Kind of like the 1980’s type. (smile) As for soap operas … PALEEZE … waste of time. I used to, addicted to, but then set me free by living my OWN soap opera. Hehehehehe Not really, just doing me best to LIVE LIVE LIVE! (((HUGS))) Amy<3

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  3. ‘Indian TV shows sucketh bananas’? I’m here.
    I’ve watched those Indian soap operas. I agree with that make-up thing. I just feel like walking up to them and tracing out the words ‘Picasso wuz hurr’.
    There was a certain one (Shree, I think?). The lead character was the clumsiest person I’ve ever seen. She couldn’t blink without falling over.

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