Guess what, people?

My personality seems to have sprouted a few heads. I’m this vain DQ that can’t function without lipstick – suddenly – and it’s alarming.

Just this morning, at work, I might have reapplied my lipstick five times and might have gotten the evil eye from patients. Which would explain the running into some random door, which seemed to have materialized outta nowhere, exactly ten seconds later, while I was – you guessed it – reapplying my lipliner.

I promise you I wasn’t even this crazy about what my face looked like, until last month.

And then I hit a 1110 plus followers on Instagram and I turned into this hey-look-at-me hobo. I mean, just look at me trying to be Kim Kardashian. Even the un-smiling-ness is totally on point. (Random fact: she doesn’t smile in pictures because it causes premature laugh lines, apparently. Ooh.)

That does not change the fact that I look like, forty. Dear God. Excuse my rambling, I’m just hopped up on coffee and I thought I’d address the issue of my hey-look-at-me-fication and sorta apologize for talking so much crap. Also, something super crappy happened yesterday. I don’t understand how to deal with stubborn parents.

My dad who turned 54 yesterday, won’t stop working out. He totally slipped and hit his leg and arm and there’s like this ginormous lesion on his leg and he made me swear I wouldn’t tell Mum. Because she would probably freak out so much so she’d give herself an aneurysm. And now I’m stuck in the rut, and it doesn’t help things when he says stuff like, “RELAX. I didn’t hit my head.”

And I super love my Dad. He’s the funniest and the randomest person I know – heck, he dances to Kanye and Eminem songs just to make me smile when I’m sad. But when he does stuff like hurt himself and not get tetanus shots, because doctors make the WORST patients on earth, I can’t even…

That's Dad, from his post graduation convocation thing, extreme right. I get my dwarfiness and randomness from him.

And I can’t even go home to see him. (I’m broke from buying makeup.) I’m sorry for the random rant, I had to get it all out. Because, you can see my shiny scalp and my forehead receding and I can NOT AFFORD TO lose any more hair. How do y’all deal with stubborn parents and stress?

Tickets to my freakshow, anyone?


85 thoughts on ““Hey-look-at-me”-fication.

      1. You need to envision the beauty in you… I could easily pick up a magazine and see your face.. You say you are blind and a midget, that actress who was hearing impaired had a few good films so that didn’t stop her

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  1. How do you deal with stubborn parents and stress? In my case I was living on my own by age 18 so thatΒ΄s how I dealt with it. Just live your life how you want it and not how others want it. And this does bring with it tough choices and quite a lot of hardships, but thatΒ΄s grown up life.

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  2. Darling, you don’t even look close to 40! You’re absolutely stunning! 😘 πŸ’‹ ❀ I love you just as you are! And parents are always stubborn and never listen to us kids! Welcome to the struggle! πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

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  3. You are a beaut! 1110 + followers on Instagram! Jeez! You’re almost insta-famous! … And Kim Kardashian not smiling because of wrinkle marks πŸ˜‚

    Seriously, I’m never smiling again!

    I don’t know what to advise about stubborn parents – my mum is pretty easy going. But sadly she doesn’t dance to Kayne West!

    Oh, and about the reapply lipstick a hundred times a day… A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do!

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    1. I’m insta-famous hahaha!! And Kim is weirdly fascinating. I think.

      Nooooooo. Don’t stop smiling. I LOVE that smile!

      I wish I had a video of my Dad dancing (it looks like someone’s stuck an ice cube down his shirt and he’s trying to shake it out) – and I wish MY mum were easy going too….

      And Thank God. I’m not the only one with the weird thing with lipstick!

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      1. Yes, she is! As are the rest of the Kardashian klan…but don’t tell my husband I watch/follow such trash… He’d probably disown me! Hehe.

        And please video your dad dancing, it would make my day!

        Okay, I won’t stop smiling… But what about the wrinkles?!!!

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  4. Welcome to the other side of life. We all have to “get it all out” from time to time. The fact that you’re willing to post it for us to help you carry is awesome. Keep sharing, keep being real – be who you are.

    As for parents and stress… I’m no good at stress and now that my parents are gone I have no problem dealing with their stubbornness. But, word of advise, take them, stubbornness and all – it will be all too soon you won’t have them to deal with. And that’s not always a great place to be…

    As for laugh lines. Thank God for laugh lines. It means you’ve had a reason to laugh and to smile.

    Live. It’s what life is for.

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  5. You are absolutely gorgeous! And I would never make any attempt at understanding parents. …sometimes you just have to accept them.

    Oh…and, of course you have to keep the lips looking good. You never want to be caught by surprise. πŸ™‚

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  6. My dad is very Portuguese and very stubborn. He is 50 and also works out 2 hours a day EVERY day. I just don’t deal with him. He’s an adult and knows what’s best for himself, even when he doesn’t. lol it’s all going to be A-OK!

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  7. Well shoot! Just look at those beautiful lips! You should enjoy celebrating them – no harm in that. I sheepishly admit to my first make-up purchase being hot pink lipstick, when I was only 10. You look lovely.

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      1. Oh, as for the lipstick, you aren’t alone…. I saw this & thought of you…

        “I am a woman of many identities, all of whom require lipstick.” — Messalina (


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  8. Your blog is called “Lilrant” I think you can forgo apologizing for any rants you may have. We know what we’re in for by title alone. I wouldn’t go to an Iron Man movie and complain that there’s too much Iron Man.
    Your dad and his friends have STRONG mustaches. I hope he’s not truly hurt and can recover quickly. I understand your urge to go see him, I want to go visit my step-dad whenever he whines about being mildly depressed. But you can’t afford to go see them all the time, that’s just not feasible. Your phone calls, texts and whatnot are sufficient. It’s the most that should be expected of you. But, yeah, it is hard not to want to parent them like they parented you.

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  9. I stay in school and pretend like I’m always busy. When I’m on break, i spend all my time working. That is how I deal with parents.
    Stress I hide deep down where nobody will ever, ever, EVER fiiind iiit

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  10. Let the man work out….i’m 50 and most people on the planet can’t do what I do/ nor train like I do…. but hey… the pic/ your pic is something I can work with…..mihaelaschwartzenberg is the only reason for my Instagram account….. got to target those in high influential places little gal..

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  11. No judgement here, I feel absolutely NAKED without lipstick. I spent more time than I’d like to admit watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and now I’m extra obsessed with doing my makeup – you are not alone!!! Also, what’s your Instagram?

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  12. You’re so much better than lame Kim K believe me and WAY prettier oh and 40,? ?? Insane girl! 17 on a bad day! And I’m old so be nice missie not losing her hair

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