Dear “Whatever”,

I know I’m stupid, the way I won’t give up on love. The only reason why I won’t is because it’s the closest thing we all have to magic. And magic isn’t something I’m going to let go of that easy.

I haven’t met you yet, I don’t know if and when we’ll ever meet, but I know that I’m not going to give up – I’m going to let you come find me. And when you do, I’ll know you’re it.

I’ll watch all the pieces start to fit, till the jigsaw is complete.

I’ll watch life unfold and depression – what depression? – disappear just like that.

I’ll never need anyone else, but you.

And when we meet, it’ll be like worlds colliding, in the most beautiful way imaginable.

When you hold me, it’ll be like sinking into a cloud of happy marshmallows.

When you kiss me, it’ll be like an Ed-Sheeran-meets-Bruno-Mars song. I’m sure even that lamppost from the Photograph number will materialize over our heads.

And when you go down on one knee, like they do in movies and on YouTube, and when you ask me, “Will you..?”, it will be like every love poem come to life.

How do I know all this? When I haven’t even met you yet?

Sometimes you just KNOW.

Just come find me. Soon. Before the expiry date. And before my face starts sprouting more adult acne. Yeah? Thank you.




61 thoughts on “Open Letter To Custom-made Mr. Right

      1. Me too. Wouldn’t you say that sleeping is essential though? You must not sleep the recommended amount of hours but hey, you still get plenty done on the little you get. I think that’s awesome but scary because hopefully it doesn’t catch up to you, you know.

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  1. That was beautiful…
    And I think that you will meet this man, someday! How can you not? I’d truly like to believe romance and true love are not myths from the past and still relevant today. πŸ™‚

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