Guys, I think I need more shots.

Today’s been, literally, a major WTF Wednesday. We were all there, minding our own business, in the outpatient department, when this intern guy walks in with some doctor’s report and hands it to the unit head. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Until Sir read the report out loud.

“So you’ve Cron’s disease. And oh, chicken pox!”

I nearly about jumped out of my skin. I was right next to the guy! I’ve never had chicken pox in my life and now, looking at the pink bumps on his face, I was like, “Damn. I’m dead. And Durga Pooja is just round the corner!” Yikes. I very discreetly moved to the other side of the room, of course – not that the guy was an untouchable or anything, don’t judge, I just didn’t want to get chicken pox.

Also, now I totally understand why this other chick boils her stethoscope soon after she reaches home. Maybe I should boil mine too. I’m scared, though. I’ll just stick to rubbing hand sanitizer all over Docsophagus’s diaphragm. For now. Even though the Bath and Body Works sanitizers that I use kill only 99.9% of germs.

I feel feverish. I’ve been battling an itchy throat since forever. Oh my God, I’m probably getting tuberculosis too. Lord help me. If you don’t see any posts from me in the near future, I’ve succumbed to every disease imaginable.

It sucks, this life. Anyone wants to switch places? (The pay is good. At least it will be, someday.)


37 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – #15

  1. Poor baby…. I guess that precludes a career in fashion; think of all the germ-swapping that goes on among a bunch of people who kiss indiscriminately, and share make-up? Now, that’s a Yikes!


    Oh, well, don’t worry. Chicken pox is no big deal; remember, it’s YOUR planet, & you’ve built up your immunity to it for over twenty years… Made it through med school, didn’t ya?

    Soldier up, doc….


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  2. I literally laughed out loud. This is so me. “Oh, the patient in bed 1 has scabies? Excuse me while I bathe in hand sanitizer.” And as far as boiling the stethoscope, I remove my scrubs and shoes in my garage as soon as I get home. Ain’t no pathogens coming inside with me. haha

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