Just one more day to go before I’m finally, finally, home.

This means I’m having to do quite a bit of the last minute packing, which involves a lot of headless-chicken-marathons. I made this list of all the stuff I’m supposed to be carrying home, and I lost my list.

I ended up packing, unpacking, repacking ten times. Just this minute I realized I hadn’t packed my travel toothbrush and had to stick it in my handbag.

And I have an important question for all my female readers – how many pairs of shoes should one carry for a thirty day “retreat”? (Please tell me four pairs ain’t too many.)

Oooh, and before I forget, September was ah-mazing. I hit my target weight, did a lot of makeup shopping, did not contact chicken pox and/or tuberculosis from my lovely patients, walked into doors only thrice or something, did not break any bones, did not walk into puddles and… What’d I miss?

Oh, I’m happier than a pig in a pool of poo. So yay!

I also got my sarees for the Durga Pooja and guys, I’ve to tell you, my tailor did a fab job. If you’re following me on Instagram, you might have seen the pictures already. (Oh my God, is this link even working?!)

How’s your September been?


33 thoughts on “TGIF. Also, Yikes!

  1. My comment was going to be devoted to congratulating you on not getting the chicken pox and then you said you’re happy than a pig in a pool of poo and that’s the only thing I have in my head right now. Thanks.

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  2. Four pairs are definitely not much. One to match the saree (right? ), one ballerina/loafers, one flip-flop for lazing around and one ankle-boots /sandals depending on the weather of the place you are visiting. Damn, I need a vacation. Like, right now! (I looouve packing πŸ˜› )

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