I’m finally home. Whew. And it’s hotter than ever. How do people live like this?!

I’ve had a super eventful forty-eight-hours, in case anyone was wondering. When we left Pigsty to get hold of the bus, it was pouring buckets. Obviously I couldn’t wear nice shoes, and ended up going to the airport in these flip flops that happened to be more than a million years old.

Oooooh, and my suitcase got wet. Yep, the same suitcase with all my shoes in it. (I think I flipped out enough to give my Mum a nervous tic.)

Speaking of my hypertensive Mum – she’s be SO paranoid about missing flights, we got to the airport five hours early. Three out of which I spent blow drying my suitcase. Changing shoes. Redoing my hair. Stuffing my face with ham (my first time, and boy it was yum). Taking pictures of everything possible.

These guys have weird and creepy eyebrows.

It’s strange how you go to the airport and they’ve renovated the whole thing, and you can’t find sh*t. And it’s so annoying how they make you walk all over the place trying to find your gate. And even more annoying how every airport in India is starting to look the same. It started with Delhi, I think. Now both the Kolkata and Bangalore airports look like airport twinsies. Gah.

Did I mention that they no longer have the huge Shopper’s Stop (one of India’s biggest retail outlets) in there? All that they have is this poky little section with only Givenchy makeup. Ugh!

Also, right there in the airport, I saw these:

..like it were a handicrafts expo or something.

Anyway. My phone happened to die a lot and my power bank got discharged and every crappy thing that could have happened, happened. And by the time I got home, I was so tired, I think I might have fallen asleep at dinner. Like this:

Did anyone know this was called "cat napping"?

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