You know how you’re finally on this vacay you’ve been looking forward to, like, forever, and all the viruses everywhere decide to hold their very own virus-con in your lungs? Yep. That’s what’s happened to yours truly.

I was fine one minute. The next? Sneezing and coughing my kidneys out like a tuberculosis patient. Ugh. It’s so bad, I can’t even talk. Or breathe. I’m just going to be sneezing my way to Palestine now. How amazing. Eff you, pollen allergy. But then, I can’t blame pollen, really. Plants need to bow chica wow wow too. Right?

Moving on.

Everybody spring cleans. My Mum? Winter-summer-fall-monsoon-and-spring cleans. She made me clean out my giant bookshelf and my desk and my room in general, and I discovered Barbie dolls, and their kids, and their pets, and way too many memories came flooding back.

When I was little, I wanted a dog. Much like every other kid. My Dad said no. And no matter how ballistic I went, he just wouldn’t budge. He told me I was one of those people that don’t take separation well, and that he couldn’t handle a depressed kid (little did he know that I’d grow into a depressed adult anyway and maybe that dog would have helped) and got me dollhouses that came with pets.

So yes, a major part of my childhood involved plastic animals with lead paint. Which totally accounts for my brain damage.

(Oh no. I have brain damage. Help.)


18 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – #16

  1. Oh my, you crack me up! But I hope you feel better! My sinuses have been bugging me too. So far, no sinus infection so I’m happy! Try to enjoy your vacation! 😙

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      1. Saturated or Trans? 😛 #justasking.
        Hehe, anyway you’re in Kolkata for Durga Puja, it’s gonna be awesome. Pollen allergy should go away in one day max! (you just gotta take my word for it, even though you’re the doctor 😛 )

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