Seriously. You’d think Dad would be happy to see me. His only daughter. But no, all he tells me is how I’ve achieved nothing in life, and how other Doctors’ kids are all well-settled and I’m still so stupid and that I make him feel like a social pariah. Like, ugh.

I could have actually embarrassed Mum and him. I could have done drugs, or run away to Barabados with a British guy. I could have gotten preggers!

Sometimes it annoys the crap out of me. This whole thing that my parents do. Obviously, they’re parents and they have my best interests at heart, and I totally get it – and I am not criticizing my parents child-rearing methods but then I think they might have taken the term “child-rearing” a tad too figuratively.

Like, what am I? A bunch of tomatoes gone bad aka investment gone horribly wrong aka giant mistake aka produce with terrible market value? No siree.

I am a person. And I’m not just a stupid doctor, I am also this self taught semi-half-baked-artist-ish person that also sometimes writes okay fiction. Take a look at my artwork. Nothing great, but still.

I know. The guy has hot pecs!

Now, I know that I can’t draw anatomically perfect people. These are from 2013, the last time I’ve ever drawn stuff. Why did I stop drawing? My parents told me, and I quote and I kid you not, “Drawing isn’t gonna feed you, and it’s a waste of time. You should study 16 hours a day.”

Wow. Okay.

Who the badooshes reads sixteen hours a day? If any of you do it, I need pointers. I’m gonna run for the hills guys, I swear, I’m so exhausted at this point.

And here I thought I could relax for one month. Ha bloody ha.


48 thoughts on “Day Three and I Already Want Out.

  1. So sorry love that your vacation didn’t turn out as you had planned it to! Parents, though they love us, are often clueless about how children feel to certain remarks they make, or let slip. Has been happening with me with Boards round the block. I’ve been zoning out, irritable, angry and depressed all the time. They don’t give a damn, but they’ll, once they realize something is wrong.
    Just hold on dear, everything’s gonna work out! All the best! ❤

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  2. Reminds me of my dad too. I could never live at home as soon as I left for college. And even know when he comes to visit he feels like he needs to tell me how much of a failure I am in my career. I feel for you. It’s rough when parents are only satisfied with whatever picture they have for you. And honestly, if they never will be if that is how they look at you. Do that art and writing stuff!

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    1. Isn’t it frustrating? And nothing helps. I can’t wait to go back, lol. And they expect me to be like this hot shot doctor that drives a Ferrari! So not me. So not happening. Uh uh.

      And thank you so much for your comment! Nice to know I ain’t all alone.


  3. Cmon where the heck are your ear plugs wear them on and go for bungee jumping or whatever!! Let them talk..whatever you do cant make them approve or disapprove as nature never changes.
    Continue this sketching you’re rocking it.. And i knw figuratively stop giving a horse shit to everything.. #Hightimenow

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  4. Poor dear….the problem with parents is even before you are born they form an idea of who you should be and forget you are your own person. When you don’t conform to that that get disappointed and so narrow minded that they don’t see the hurt they cause. Just their failure in not getting you to be who they want you to be

    It’s hard sweetie. Hopefully we will be better parents

    Your drawing is awesome by the way. I wish I had stuck with drawing long enough to get that good. You should continue with it. At least as a hobby and a way to release tension. Doing something creative always does that

    And finally….yeah I know this is looong! Lol. Just be you. Don’t compare down but up.. Yes you didn’t do all those negative sad things but there are the so called doctors and cool people your parents are comparing you to who totally feel unaccomplished as well.
    Instead of looking at the things you could have done wrong, just concentrate on the positive things you do course you are awesome. Looking forward to your next short story

    End of Epistle!

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  5. Seriously… If you’re stupid, then I am …umm… really, really, really stupid! 😭

    You’re quite the artist, too…. In fact, your talents are never ending. Plus, you’re beautiful… You got it all. I wouldn’t worry about it, if I were you.

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    1. You are NOT stupid. You’re one of the funniest and nicest people I’ve come across.

      I’m not an artist. I fell asleep in art class and got thrown out. Never went back. And OMG. You think my talents are never ending!!! Aaaaaw.

      (I’m not beautiful. Just photogenic. Hehe. But thank you anyway.) I’ll try not to worry. No promises.


  6. Your drawings are beautiful, you’re beautiful. You know what you’re capable of, you know where you’ve been and where you’re going. Let them talk! My parents are the exact same way. They just like to hear themselves say it, so let them. It relieves them. Just nod and walk away.


  7. Soochie, my young paduan…

    It can be hard for me to advise on this, as my own Dad, and Dom, just wanted their kids to be happy; if being the best at something would do that, they were all for it.Beyond that, they allowed us to make our own choices in what we wished to become. it’s like the story John Lennon told one time…

    John’s mother used to tell him, “Happiness is the key to life.” When he went to school, he was asked to write down what he wanted to be when he grew up. He wrote, “Happy.” They told him he didn’t understand the assignment. He told them they didn’t understand Life.

    I have raised two kids now myself, and still believe that is the correct attitude to take. As a parent, you give your kids what they need to get by in life, and hopefully, along the way, you convince them they are loved, and hope they can learn to be happy. That’s good enough for me…. The rest, as it was for me, and every child ever born, is up to the child.

    As one of my own aphorisms says, “All you can do, is all you can do.”

    Feel free to show this to your parents. Any criticism of a child for not being what the parent wants them to be is A) NOT THEIR JOB, and never was and B) useless, as it doesn’t work anyway. You will, as always, end up making the best choice for YOU. And, that is the way it should be.

    Tell them I said to lay off, and concentrate on the legacy they wish to leave their child (all, if they have others (you haven’t said, so I imagine you are an ‘only’). THAT is their proper job as parents. Once you reach the age of reason, their job changes, from being a coach and mentor, to being a supporter, a cheerleader, as it were. Anything else will only drive the child to the point of not listening, and avoiding the parents.

    My own two kids still speak to me, visit me, and, occasionally, even follow what advice i offer. I don’t give much, I’ve already taught them all they need to know, and they know I am confident they will always follow an honorable path, no matter where in life it may lead them….

    So, little one, be strong, and patient, and just show them you ARE an adult, and can make your own way, without the pressure of their disapproval, which is completely inappropriate anyway….

    So be it.

    gigoid has spoken.


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  8. Fathers can be cruel without meaning to. It is when they come at you purposely that the most damage is done. If you can, remember he has his own demons to deal with from how he was raised. May not be an excuse, but it could be an understandable reason.


  9. I can relate. My dad is Latino and I am his oldest daughter. So I always feel so much pressure to be perfect. At times it’s exhausting! And I never feel like it is enough. Every time I see him, he asks “When are you going to give me grand-kids?” I already have a dog. The dog is pretty exhausting. I can only imagine children. It doesn’t help I see Bratty kids every shift. Can he just be happy I’m not a drug addict, and that I have a good job? Ugh. Dads!

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  10. Dogs are great! I dress mine up as a reindeer for Christmas(he’s pretty big). This year for Halloween I’m dressing him up as a lady bug. And if you train yours to steal socks, let me know. I can’t get Marco to even fetch a stick. I throw the stick, then he just stands there and looks at me like “what? I’m not getting that.”

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  11. You do have talent. It is good to respect your parents and they you especially regarding the choices you make as an adult. One of my favourite songs is “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac. I think of that when I am making decisions regarding my own life.


  12. Oh no! I can’t stand any of them. I heard someone say the other day “they are our royal family”. My response was,”can we nominate a different family? And exhile Ryan Secreast for even making them a thing. ”
    The only Kardashian I like is Rob. Because he’s been MIA for so long I can’t even remember how long.

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      1. I’m not going to lie, they have nice make up rituals. But all I can ever think of when I see them is, Why is Their butts so big? there is no way that is natural. No way.


  13. The biggest advantage and disadvantage of an unknown artist’s creation is that it doesn’t sell. If a painter creates a thought in his/her mind and paints it on canvas, it’s crap. If a physicist creates a theory and publishes it, it’s invention. Weird world. Beautiful drawing 🙂

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  14. Too bad your over-there parents think you should live their dream, not your own. Bah! Move to the U.S., LR, and draw and write to your heart’s content, after you find a job to make some basic living cash. Oops. Dad gene kicked in at the end of that last sentence.

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  15. Urgh. This i s shit. I’ve experienced that. He will come to regret putting you down, he probably is proud but has a messed up way of showing it. Remember who you are, you are more than what anyone says♡

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