Completely random topic, I know, but this is necessary. I was re-reading Attachments by Rainbow Rowell and I died, again, when Beth mentions Lincoln and I felt like I needed to talk about MCG (My Cute Guy).

Who is a Cute Guy?

(British guys are cute. That’s a given. Remember Daniel Sharman from The Originals? That’s completely besides the point. Ugh, me and my obsession with British guys.

Oh my God. Just look at him!

It doesn’t help that he’s got the smirkiest smirk ever, know what I’m sayin’?)

When I was younger, and hiding behind thick books in the library to check out the guys from the basketball team, I’d think there was something insanely cute about a bunch of good-looking doctors that also played basketball. And looked amazing in shorts.

That perception? Um, it changed.

I saw how they’d talk to patients. It was not cool.

Let me go back to the time they posted me in the medicine department, and there was this guy people would be scared of because he looked sort of intimidating. Until the day he actually wrote all our casesheets.

Wait, what?

Did a scary looking guy just write our casesheets so we’d go home early?


And then “cute” took a whole new definition. You don’t see the guys that are actually really cute until they show themselves. It’s like, Harry Potter pulling off the Cloak of Invisibility for the big reveal. Cute doesn’t necessarily have to look appealing and pleasing to the eye, it’s all in the actions.

Someone staying up all night just to hear you out when you’re miserable and you feel like you’ve got nobody.

Someone who believes in paying attention to the little things – big gestures.

Someone who’s so nice they’ll go out of their way to make you happy.

The guy that has the honest-to-goodness smile.

That shy guy with the earphones, who doesn’t mind sharing class notes with you.

The guy who you always thought was unbearably snobbish but it turns out that he was crushing on you super hard and just decides to surprise you on your birthday. And who knew it would turn out to be the best birthday of your whole entire life?

Someone who doesn’t just say all the right things, but does them too.

Someone who actually cares without making a big production out of it.

The way they talk. Their sense of humor. They way they’re so put together. When you’re around. All of it.

Cute isn’t cute unless it projects cuteness specifically in your direction. All seriousness aside…

How do you know if someone is your Cute Guy (or Girl)?


36 thoughts on “Who’s YOUR Cute Guy?

  1. This post, dear Sooch, is a wonderful effort. Engaging, insightful, positive about the negative, and, yes, cutely written. Excellent blog post! With the perfect ending, to ask the Gentle Readers for their own thoughts…

    Good job.

    As for me, the little pup at the top is my idea of cute… In the women my age, cute mostly doesn’t work well…Hard to pull it off…



    Liked by 1 person

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