Disclaimer: We all know that I’m this giant ranty person. That always, always seems to have something to rant about. I’m always complaining, and well, entertaining you in the process.

So without further ado, a list of ten things that annoy the life out of me and that I take as a personal insult – you might want to get popcorn and watch the drama unfold by degrees:

1. People that hit the unfollow button on Instagram like a boss. Ooh. Obviously, this had to be on the top of the list. Now what the actual, true-blue f*ck? I know that this isn’t a big deal and I make an issue out of everything, but that unfollow button? When I haven’t done anything to you? Houston, we’ve got a problem.

Good luck finding another me.

2. People that leave nasty comments on some girl’s giant makeup collection. I don’t get it. Is she taking your money? No. Why does it give you a butt itch? Hobos.


3. When people say that Bengalis are whiny, stuck up and only talk about education. YOU TAKE THAT BACK. The last person that said this to me is rotting away in Albania. So watch it, there.

Precisely all Bengali Moms.

4. People that marry for dowry. Seriously? I can’t even.

5. People that say crappy stuff like, “Oh you’re a doctor. You’ve got an easy life. And tons of money. Why are YOU saving up?” To give you a reconstructive surgery on your face. And change your geography beyond recognition. First off, this is not an easy life. You deal with the casualty ward. I dare you, step in here for one day without dying. Thank you.

(Beware of such doctors, though.)

6. When you do something nice for another person, and everyone else thinks that you’ve got a motive. No. Some of us are actually nice, some of us are born with it and we love doing stuff for other people. It’s called ‘being human’. No, not talking about Salman Khan’s brand. 


7. Holier than thou attitude. ‘Nuff said.

And I kid you not.

8. Girls that act so pricey when you ask them where they got their ($9 drugstore, shhh) lipstick from. Dude. I get it, everyone wants to be unique, but what’s the harm in telling people little things like that?

Yeah, whatever.

9. When my eyeliner isn’t on point and my hair looks like I’ve stuck my fingers in a plug socket and certain b*tches point that out every nanosecond. Efffffff you. I know I messed up, don’t keep telling me!

Such a dream.

10. When I’ve been running on the f*ckmill (treadmill) for what seems like ten years and I’ve only burned like, 300 calories. And the trainer tells me I’m no good at all. Hashtag depression. (Oh did I also mention that I hate hashtags? Because they’ve ruined my life? Does anyone wanna hear that story? Lemme know.)

You gotta hand it to my personal trainer: she gives pretty damn good advice.

37 thoughts on “Ten Things I Take Personally

  1. Bwahahahaha! 😂 👍 I love you, you little firecracker! 💣😈😍💋💋💋💋💋

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m okay. You know, I’m a pro at it these days. I’ve gone into shock like 20 times or so now. It’s awful, but I can deal with it like a champ.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Just keep me laughing like you always do my dear Sooch! 😘💋💋💋❤❤❤❤

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  2. Who the hell would say being a doctor is easy? I give you props for being a doctor cause I couldn’t do it and I couldn’t deal with all the nonsense you guys have to deal with. Great post! It was entertaining like always! 🙂

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  3. Sooch,

    Another great post, yes indeed. So good, I won’t comment on the actual content, though most of it trips my comment button like billy-o (oops, sorry, 1930’s Brit-lit & drawing room comedy slipping into my dialogue of late…). Any who, two things do occur to me, to wit:

    A. It’s nice to see a young curmudgeon in training; it’s a long road little one, but, you’re making a good start at being able to curmudgeon your way through any crisis, merely by imagining how you’ll skewer them in print….or to their face, which, at my age, gets easier and easier…


    B) I agree a casualty unit is tough work; it is the same as Emergency Room here in the US, I think, doing trauma cases from accidents in the streets and anyone who is sick on an emergency basis. But, think about how much material your’e getting for the books you’ll write from your experiences… Plus, if your books sell well, you don’t have to doctor any more…. See how that works? You can then write and live the life you wish, without the blood and drama…

    See ya… always like to leave on a positive note….



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    1. Thank you, gigoid😁

      “Skewer them in print” sounds exactly like MY thing…ah how well you know me!

      Casualty is horrible. Tons of blood involved. Not fun.

      And you really think I can maybe sell my books if I do happen to write them? OMG. Thank youuuuu.

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