So I posted this picture on Instagram. And this friend of mine from school immediately dropped me a text asking me why my face looked so quote, round, unquote.


First off, I don’t look round.

I’m pretty sure I have other dimensions.

And secondly…

If you think I’m fat, it’s your problem and you need to deal with it. What I do to my face, on the other hand, is my problem and mine alone. And maybe, my plastic surgeon’s, should I consult one someday (for those of y’all who are super curious, I’m getting my eyes and my nose, my jaw and my cheeks fixed. Heck no. I am getting nothing fixed.) My parents didn’t go through with all the trouble of procreation and crap just so I’d end up having to look appealing to every frigging person on the planet. You don’t like my face? Good. I don’t like yours, either. In fact, I like it that my face is so round. And that I’m apparently chunky. And that I don’t have the perfect set of abs.

I might kid around a lot about myself and my looks, but deep down, I think I’m – not ashamed to say it – perfectly fine. If my mirror is okay with it, I’m golden. Body shaming is stupid. It’s right up there with posting nude selfies just so random guys would leave a bunch of sleazy comments, and, and, and… Cherry flavored Coke (stupidest thing in history).

Calling a person fat or commenting about how they look like or how they dress doesn’t make you a better person. It makes you a snobdouche.

End of discussion.

Let’s talk about something else now, shall we? Tell me what y’all are reading right now. I’m reading Roald Dahl and I’ve managed to calm down remarkably well. But seriously…

Why does body shaming still exist anyway?


43 thoughts on “A Bit About Body-Shaming.

  1. You are so pretty πŸ™‚ And body-shaming is crap. I’m not as skinny as I used to be, but in my defense I have given birth to two kids whose heads were bigger than footballs! At least it felt that way pushing them out! Ha ha!

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      1. You’re very beautiful. I sometimes get sneers from people when they see how young I look for my age. It used to make me very depressed because I never wanted to look different. But these days I try to just let their looks and comments slide off my shoulders. Just keep being who you are! Love your blog, by the way!

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      2. Never let people make you feel bad about yourself. I used to once. It just makes them happy and you, sad. I decided to stop letting them feed off my depression. You know? It helped.

        And thank you, so much. I love your blog too!❀

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  2. Your face as I see if you allow a description, “A poetically carved (and definitely not round) profile with feminine edges smoothly curving from the pinna to the chin, and one of the most elegant sharp beautiful eyes, with dark smooth flowing long hair. Plump factor can’t say In pic.”

    Hahaha! This was just to counter the critics. As you said, colour, contours and curves are simply prejudices, and people should come out of it.

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  3. Darling, whomever this fool is, the one who is insulting you, is NOT in fact your friend. That insult echoes with pure, unadulterated jealousy, nothing more, nothing less. You are right to shrug it off, but beware this person in your life calling themselves your friend for they most obviously are not. β€β€πŸ’‹ Jez

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  4. Body shaming is a bunch of bulls—. Sorry, I try not to curse. Your eyes are very big, and that’s a good thing! Don’t worry about what others say

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  5. I was terribly sad today but looking around there are lots of people in the same boat as i am. Well, don’t worry about what others have to say about you. You are the best. You can’t please everybody. Believe in yourself and move on. That’s life. God bless

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  6. This shouldn’t bother you sweetie.. I recently posted a blue kurta pic on instagram & a guy said you look so scary & asked me to delete it.. I asked myself – does it really matters what others think of how I look? Is this guy that imp in my life to disturb me with his comments? It’s my account, my pic, my life.. Does anyone else has the authority to talk or instruct me on what to post? The common answer I got was NO!
    So please don’t bother & keep clicking & sharing love:)

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