It’s been a while since I’ve done posts like this one, so I figured why not?

The lovely NJ nominated me for the Infinity Dreams Award – well, she actually nominated me for a bunch of those, but I’m way too lazy to type 15271919 random facts about myself (sorry, NJ).


The Rules:

Basically you just thank the blogger who nominated you, then you state seven facts about yourself (gulp) and nominate other blogs.

My nominees for today:

November Winter
Soumya Mishra
Orange Pond Connects
The Lone Writer

(Feel free to ignore the nominations.)

Here comes the icky part. Yet another seven facts about yours truly:

1. The other day I was lying in bed, texting this person, when the phone landed on my nose. Bad news? I now have a super painful nose. Good news? I FINALLY HAVE A NOSE. Which used to be non-existent at one point of time.

Story of my life. Before my nose.

2. I hate the f*ckmill. And my personal trainer who took away all of my Skittles.


3. I have an unhealthy obsession with British men, as you all know. I can’t seem to pick one. Eastenders has messed with my brains, royally.

4. I’m a good friend, and a possibly crappy girlfriend. Being completely honest here.

5. I can’t deal with change. That’s when I start turning into the hulk.


6. My favorite color is white. Basically, every color of the rainbow. Completely random, I know.

7. I’m a terrible singer. So much so that when I sing, I attract a cloud of mozzie party on top of my head. Like this weird, whiny halo.

Bonus random point: I hate Twilight. With a passion.



21 thoughts on “Randomness Knows Me By Name

  1. I’m a terrible singer, too lol And thank you for the nom (at least I’m going to assume that’s me lol I haven’t come across any other Orange Ponds around the blogosphere πŸ™‚ ) Take care!

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  2. Congrats dear πŸ˜€ I love the first pic πŸ˜‰ a different award post πŸ˜› ..I go with you for that twilight hater one πŸ˜› and being a terrible singer πŸ˜›

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Haha! I’m a terrible singer too but I LOVE singing! So there’s no point in showing me the blood that oozes out of your ear when I sing..chances are I’m enjoying myself too much to bother about little insignificant things like eardrums.

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