Did y’all happen to catch the Season Premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel? Friggin’ good-looking cast. Spearheaded *insert dramatic hand gesture* by Matt Bomer. Holy ravioli.

Welcome to a brand new blogpisode of WTF Wednesday, and today we are talking about all the absurdity going on, on popular television.

First off, suddenly it’s all about naked people. Everywhere. Naked men, specifically. You’re watching this TV show, and then suddenly there are butt cheeks on the damn screen. (I am not complaining about Matt Bomer’s hindquarters, mind you). But then how the HECK are you supposed to react when you’re watching AHS and your Mother walks in on you?! It’s like being caught doing some form of The Unmentionables. I tried to snap my damn laptop shut, of course, but my amazingly nice and completely not nosey Mum (I am kidding, twerps) thought I was watching, in her words, “extreme erotica”. And she tackled me. My ancient Mommy tackled me, y’all.

And there went my Wednesday. Ugh.

I’m not finished. She sat down and decided to watch the whole entire episode with me. As if my life wasn’t traumatizing enough. Ugh! This is the point where I ask y’all to stop my beating heart, pull the trigger, yada yada yada.

And then she goes, “He looks amazing with kohl on.” Oh dear God.

And then, mercifully, she had to go because someone rang the doorbell. Literally saved by the bell, there. Thank you, doorbells. And thus, my fellow bloggers, I didn’t end up having to watch the horrendously gory foursome sex scene with my Mum. (Oh, the horror!)

Next, Lady Gaga seems to be rocking some crazy eyebrows. And some crazy makeup. But that’s okay, we’re used to lady Gaga wearing weird hair and pasties, right? Just when I’m getting used to all that skin show, she’s sliced open this guy’s jugular. Oh. My. God.

And before I sign off, let me quickly rant about Sleepy Hollow, I loathe Katrina Crane from the core of my butt (since we’re talking butt-ies, la la, yep, that Tove Lo song – Talking Body – is still stuck in my head) and I’m so happy she’s not made an appearance in season three yet. I hope she NEVER COMES BACK. Bloody waste of space.

Die, B*tch, Die. Stay dead.

Meanwhile, Nikki Reed looks fabulous as Betsy Ross. But she needs to stay away from Ichabod Crane. I’m all about Ichabbie, anyway.

No Katrina, No Betsy, no Mary. Nada.

How’s your day lookin’?


21 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – #17

  1. Lol, and that right there is why I shut myself in my room every time I need to watch an AHS episode. God, Matt Bomer looked amazing. What did you think of the episode, btw? IMO while it was entertaining and got me excited for this season, it was a bit too much. O.o

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      1. I was gaping at the screen during that scene with The New Girl guy. (Max Greenfield?) God, I wanted to look away, but then a part of me was trying to believe my eyes.
        Coven and Murder House were my favorite seasons. I wish the show would stop relying primarily on gore and shock-value to deliver the horror.

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      2. The drill bit thing. Icky. And I thought I’d die. Ow. And I felt kinda horrible too. You actually FEEL the horror through the screen, right? This looks bloodier than freak show!
        And I completely agree with you. Less gore, more clean cut stuff, like Coven. And why is Sarah Paulson dressed up as a tramp?!

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      3. Yesss to the bit about feeling the horror!
        Lol, Sarah Paulson’s hair makes me claw at my face! I just want to give her a bath! But I guess the look is supposed to go with her junkie character.

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  2. Yeah, uncomfortable moment for you, LR. Extreme erotica! Your mom must have read that label somewhere, right? Ammunition to get her back? Where have you been visiting, Ma? Ha. I don’t watch these shows, and they’re not on my list now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      1. The series down to Game Five, tomorrow night in Los Angeles. Let’s Go Mets. Win and continue to the next round or lose and the season is over. Pressure! And I have my bowling league and won’t be home to watch. Oh, no, LR!

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  3. Better than Ichabod’s, I’d wager…. Also, did they really have Spandex pants back in the 1700’s? And cropped T’s that drape perfectly on a Puritan girl? I think we might be having a bit of fantasy anachronistic savagery going on here…It’s no wonder I gave up on TV over a dozen years ago….

    Who the hell ARE these people?

    And, why are you looking at them at all?


    Funny stuff, girl…. keep it up….



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