I believe in celebrating small things. Which is why, I’m going to do a post on each one of my favorite bloggers’ birthdays. (At least I’m gonna try. And I’m gonna start today.) Talking about them and stuff.

Today is kinda sorta special.

Todd was my first ever friend on WordPress. He turns twenty today, and I know he doesn’t like birthdays very much and he’ll probably be upset about my rambling about this but, well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TODD!🎉🎊🎂

🎶*singing at the top of her lungs*🎶

This guy is amazing. He writes amazing stuff. His book reviews are on point. And best of all, he gave me tons of tips when I was just starting out. And all of them totally helped. (And Todd, if I’m barging in on your personal space, I’m sorry – but I love you, and so you’re stuck with me. Da da.)

I’m gonna go eat cake, y’all.



16 thoughts on “To Todd😁

  1. Thank you so much! This means the world to me. Yes, you know I don’t care much for birthdays, but I do enjoy birthday wishes. Thank you, and I love you too!

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