It’s here. It’s here. It’s here!

What am I doing? Sulking. All the way to Palestine. It’s supposed to be a happy occasion, right? I mean, it’s the celebration of victory. Good trumps evil, yada yada yada.

It gets to me. It irks me.

The hypocrisy.

The audacity.

The show off.

The dirt.

All that happens, behind the scenes.

But mostly, the hypocrisy. You worship the Goddess Durga and you treat women like crap. Give me a logical explanation for this. She’s a woman, and so is your ex, your wife, your sister, your girlfriend, every ‘female’ you come across. So why treat us differently? What gives you the right to grabΒ a random girl’s butt while you’re out pandal hopping with your lecherous band of friends?

Not that I blame the guys alone.

The fault, dear readers, lies in our scars. The scars of the past, the present. Of what’s to come. This feeling of foreboding. It’s crazy I should be talking like this now – it being festive season and all, but it’s so annoying that the whole meaning behind the purpose of all this pooja is lost. There’s a reason, and I’ll attempt to diffuse my frustration with humor.

It’s supposed to be about the Goddess.

And these guys are playing Naagin Naagin (which is technically about another Goddess, but that’s completely besides the point, on account of it being a erm, club song? I don’t know) on loudspeakers. And all those whiney Honey Singh songs about guys’ skirts. And people getting drunk out of their skulls and fooling around.

I’m just gonna go sleep. And take a break. Enough. And drown in caffeine, till my heart explodes.

well, this was dramatic.


29 thoughts on “Durga Pooja!

  1. It is really disappointed to see “pollution” of Hinduism. What we see now is not “original” Hinduism but a “polluted” version. Had this been original version we would not have been having any Durga pooja in first place i.e. no female Gods.

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      1. Not blaming you but our failure to understand our own religion is one of the reason for today’s chaos. We have completely forgotten what Hinduism was. When people used to roam naked on this planet , we had this religion. Now days blaming Hinduism is a new fashion. Being Anti-Hindu is being modern. And sadly those people get more prestige & value in our society.

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  2. Very much agreed sis. Worshipping a goddess means u respect ladies . and when u don’t do that actually it qualifies to be hypocrisy.
    And I always hated yo yo’s song.. I don’t see any meaning in his lyrics.

    Yeah songs should be situational.

    I’m not that religious either .but they say durga pooja is a big occasion in Kolkata hence want to see it once .

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  3. I totally agree with you πŸ™‚ The other day I saw man without footwear’s because he was keeping navratri πŸ™‚ but then me and my colleague crossed him ..his eyes were totally on us ..watching our assets ..hypocrites 😦

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