This is just a little update, and I wanted to show y’all this super bright and sparkly version of the Taj Mahal. There was also a Statue of Liberty which I won’t post, in case it offended people.

I finally went out last night. And it was crazy. Toooooooo many people. My poor little feet got trodden on. At one point one shoe fell off and I had to go on a mad chicken hunt to find it. Okay, not that extreme, I’m exaggerating. A fat guy nearly killed me with all his gluttony, poor little me, because the crowd was um, more concentrated than pineapple jelly. And the temperature was a friggin’ hundred degrees. I went out looking like this.


I realize I look like a field of alien-y looking green dandelions.

This is an old picture, so you can see how eye-wateringly colorful I looked.

And came back looking like this.

He looks prettier, actually.

Which took me one hour to clean up. (And sterilize myself since there were too many sweaty people – hence, germs – and I’m a big germophobe and it’s hard for me to overlook things. Don’t laugh.) I’ve got mixed feelings about the pooja ending. I’m happy it’s over and they’ll stop playing Honey Singh songs and at the same time, kind of sad to see all the pandals being taken down.

Also, happy Dusshera to all my readers! Not gonna elaborate on what THAT is – we’d be here till 2025.

What’s new with y’all?


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