This might sound repetitive, but well, this bacteria seems to love me. I might be holding the Guinness world record for the cow with the most strep attacks. You never know. Anyway, the poojas got over last night, so the place is finally free of those Honey Singh songs I’ve been complaining about, non-stop, for three whole days.


Only not so yay anymore, because I woke up with a Streptococcal throat infection. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve got AIDS or something, because let’s face it, no normal person catches a cold 528191991 times per month. (Also, I’ve been missing out on my stupid Vitamin shots for a while now, so that might be the problem here. I’m hoping it is, and that I don’t have AIDS.)

So now I’m dealing with a drippy nose, again, fighting a lost battle with a host of Kleenex. While doing all of the following, all at once:

1. I’ve dug up a lot of old books and I’m devouring them. Along with ginormous cups of green tea. (And honey. Yum. Not Honey Singh, just so we are clear.)

I love this book. Don't laugh at me..

2. I’m also stalking my crush on Instagram, and trying to be a smart arse about it.

See? It's not bad at all!

3. Looking at Dan Howell‘s videos and laughing my head off. And b*tching about everything, to my cousin.

Isn't he cute?! I love him!

4. Eating a lot of chocolate and telling the whole entire planet that I’m sick. (Basically this.)


5. Buying more stuff. Keep in mind that this month I’m doing a gift swap with a friend and I’m completely and “udder”ly broke (“udder” because I’m a cow) but I’m not letting that stop me.

..because I'm a perv.

Also, I’m majority p*ssed at the stupid courier services. Ugh. They’re all on friggin’ holiday and I’ve to wait FOREVER to get the stuff I got for my friend. And I’m not the most patient person on earth, as you can obviously tell.  

No. It's not. I want my package, now.

How do you handle yourself when your package gets super late?!


15 thoughts on “How I Deal With The Flu

  1. Awwwwhh… Get well soon, I have a flu thing going on too.. 😒😒😒 nasty drippy nose!!! Makes me feel like someone just left their tap open😑😑😑

    When packages don’t come, I become pathetic.. I’m checking the tracking number, every 2 hours.. And then it says arrived.. 😁😁 yaay!! The door bell rings & it’s just a part of the package.. That nutty part, which I’m not too oompah loompah about 😒😑 & the vicious cycle continues, till what I’m most excited about reaches me finally… Guess what?? I’m not that excited about it anymore πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

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