My family don’t do communication: they do violence.

Today’s post is going to be about something I honestly do not understand about my family.




My cousin wore eyeliner a couple days ago. And his Dad went batcrap crazy and called MY Dad and my Daddy dearest told my Mummy dearest and Mum came running to me with one question: “Is Soum gay?”

And I told her it wasn’t any of her business. Like seriously, Mum, cut it out!

My cousin’s sexuality isn’t any of her business, right? Pretty much like your sexuality isn’t any of my business. I don’t get this. It’s just love, what does it matter WHO you love? When are people gonna understand!? Forget about people, I just want my family to understand.

It’s bad enough they pushed him into med school too. He wanted to study animation. He had a fabulous Instagram, where he’d post his drawings. And now? He’s in therapy and not okay. Not in the slightest. He came out to me about his bisexuality and I didn’t tell the family, because they think this is a giant form of perversion. Sheesh.

Also, I don’t want him to run away.

This other guy stole his Mum’s jewelry and ran away to Canada because his parents stopped talking to him. The very instant he came out to them. They tried fixing it like it were a disease. How do you even think that you can find a “cure” for homosexuality/bisexuality, when none of it is even a medical condition? Why not find a cure for your own narrow-mentality instead?

If you can’t accept this as the same love that’s underneath every relationship, be it a straight or a gay relationship, you just gotta keep shut. You don’t deserve to be a bloody opinionated picklepot about it. I don’t care if you live or die, just let live.

Be the bigger person.


20 thoughts on “Let Live!

  1. I agree completely! My family gets super nosy too for the most silliest of things. My sister was celebrating her second year of marriage when one of my uncles went up to her and dropped a tiny card in her palm. It was the contact number of some fertility clinic! Few other relatives gave her a lecture about how she should start making babies soon otherwise it would be “too late”. Geez. I mean SERIOUSLY MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS PEOPLE.
    On another note, I don’t know how people even dare to assume that they can control whom a person can love or not. :/

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  2. This is just so true!
    My family is super nosy about a lot of stuff. I think it’s just that somewhere, Indians have this control freak attitude although they might act submissive.
    My cousin sister, who is a Hindu, got married to a Muslim boy. That was enough to spark the rumour mill.
    I was honestly so disappointed when more than half the relatives declared that their marriage was bound to fail and that they’ll be applying for a divorce before a year ends, and then don’t go crying to those relatives.
    Why does everyone judge a couple’s compatibility based only on their caste/religion?
    This cousin I spoke about, was in a happy relationship with her now-husband for almost 8 years and then they decided to marry.
    I believe they are more happy than a lot of others who had arranged marriages.

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  3. My cousin killed himself a year ago for this very thing. The family on that side of the planet decided it was unacceptable and gave him one hell of a time for it, for years! Then he lit himself on fire in front of his mom.

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  4. Number one, EVERYBODY IS NOSY.


    quite relatable!!
    bye friendie!!

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      1. and I though I was the only one!!!
        been loving your blog since i followed it yesterday!! Everythings so relatable!! Its good I met you!!
        bye for now friendie!!

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