…you ugly month, you. I never EVER look forward to November. I never have. For as long as I can remember.

I can’t believe how fast November got here. (Obviously I’m gonna rant now.) In school, it always meant exams. And no Christmas. No presents. No nada. Who wants that? And who the bloody hell wants 2016? Go away November, shoo.

October was a dud. I didn’t do any interesting blog posts, my stats fell faster than a completely sloshed human pyramid, and nobody really reads my posts anymore. What else? I finally got all the makeup that I wanted, only most of it arrived in pieces. I had to do quite some fixing.

I have a question.

One of the little mirrors that come with palettes broke in transit. I couldn’t get it out of the box and so I taped it in. Am I gonna fall “prey to the curse of seven years of bad luck?” Because technically, I didn’t break that mirror. If I died, or went into coma for seven years, and there were no posts from me, please miss me y’all, okay?



Moving on. I’ve read twenty two books in ten days. Go, me. I can’t remember the last time I felt so at peace. You know, Zen mode. Reconnecting with all those pages after pages of print and the smell of old books… Mmmm! “Heaven” doesn’t come even close to describing it. La la la.

Meanwhile, I’ve been listening to R-City on loop. That song Locked Away is so friggin’ good. I need song recommendations, y’all. Anything inspiring. Nothing about failed relationships and crap, because I’m waaaaaay over it.

Ooooh. Look, makeup!

Speaking of November, isn’t this the time that people wear ridiculous shirts with mustache print on ’em? And guys post these photos with copious amounts of facial hair with #noshavenovember? OMG. Which reminds me. I drew on cat whiskers on my face for Halloween yesterday, and the “paint” refused to budge. For 24 hours. (Go, Urban Decay.)

What did you dress up as?

I’m so not looking forward to this month. Are you?


56 thoughts on “Hello, November.

      1. He went as a Zombie Ninja 🙂 And wouldn’t share any of his candy with me lol My daughter did though, thankfully. Need my sugar rush for NaNo!

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  1. November is a crappy month, reminds me snow is coming very soon! YUCK! Although I will say we’re doing good here in Ohio, we usually have snow by now. That damn snow can stay far, far away! No costumes for us this year, we decided to stay home and relax.

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      1. Eeekkk! That doesn’t sound like fun! That would be a bad spot for me cuz I can get a sunburn within 10 minutes. Joys of being a redhead! Lol. Winter’s will be fun now with Jayne. I’m kinda excited to see our first snow so Jayne can play in it.

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  2. If you haven’t listened to Fight Song by Rachel Platten by now, you totally should! I am not sure if I like November, haven’t really given much thought to be honest. But I do love my winters! I’m a December and January fan for sure 🙂

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  3. Hun… You ain’t gonna get into the bad luck loop, the shipping guys will..

    Yep, it was hallowe’en yesterday, I dressed up as myself sans makeup.. You should’ve seen the reactions… 😂😂😂😂 I’m the master of deception..

    On a serious note… No Halloween for me!! Have you heard Claydee’s “Who”?? That’s on my playlist these days!!

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  4. Nuu. I still read your posts *_* It’s just that the new wordpress reader isn’t comfortable for me, so I prefer to read the posts from emails now., That might have caused one-view lack from your stats from loads of posts :3

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  5. I read your posts, and that’s all that really matters, so….Anywho I was a slutty vampire. You know, cuz slutty anything works for Halloween. I love November only because it’s finally raining in California! I love cold weather. That’s about the only reason why, oh and I have a sick infatuation with cooking for Thanksgiving.

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