I’ve been Instagrammin’ like crazy. I don’t know, the rush of the followers gets to you, I suppose.

For starters, I NEVER know what to post. I just go with my very smirky face. I don’t know how to take good pictures, either. Obviously. I’m not a professional. I’ve never claimed to be. Nor am I a beauty blogger. Not even half an amateur. I’m worse. Finally, I don’t know what hashtags to use. Not on Instagram, not on WordPress. It’s been eight months since I’ve been blogging and I STILL DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO THAT.

When did the world come to this?!

Anyway. Back to my weird Instagram, there was this one time I posted a picture of me rocking a nude lipstick. ‘Cause that’s the phrase girls use. (You get what I mean, don’t you? I wasn’t rocking anything. I was majorly ugly. But anyway.) So I used ten billion hash tags, “#nudelip” among one of them, only my phone changed it to “#nude.” And yours truly, being blinder than a drunk bat wearing sunglasses in the middle of a hailstorm, didn’t proof read the caption.

And boom.

My phone blew up. Literally. There were so many followers within the span of five minutes. And comments. All mentioning nasty stuff about my “pretty little mouth.” I also got quite a few direct messages asking me why I was fully clothed in a photo with the hash tag “nude.” Uh oh. Dear God. What had I started?!

The first thing I did was remove that photo. Then I made my account private. The number of new followers went down to zero in two weeks, whew. I still get messages though. Asking me weirdly personal questions, the top of the list being, “Are you virgin?”. (No I am not. I lost my head when the ginormous Bailey and Love textbook boned me in the butt. Which also makes me a hooker. Thanks.) Seriously, what’s with some some prople and their insatiable curiosity about some girl’s sex life? You wanna know about mine? My boyfriend lives on Mars, so that’s one HELL of a sex drive and flight and rocket to outer space. Also, I’d always thought virgin and extra-virgin only mattered if you were talking about olive oil! How did sex even come into this!?

People are just crazy. I’m even crazier for bloody ranting about it. Talk about being jobless. Oh well.


52 thoughts on “The Story Of How One Hashtag Ruined My Life

      1. I’m only 24! I’m not even married! God! Not doing any sort of baby making procedures, either. Parents, ugh! Guess what? My Dad’s been taking candid photos of me so he can post them on matrimonial websites. Help.

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  1. I dunno what’s more worrying….that there are some women out there who actually post nude photos..or the fact that there are guys out there who check out posts with #nude. I mean, just go to a porn site already!

    I guess you’re never ever saying nude lip anymore, are you? ๐Ÿ˜›

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  2. Hi!!yes, this is soo, true, same thing happened to a girl in my class, i dont really like her thouhg! Bugt, she kept posting stuff, wich unlike yours was deliberate and plain stupid, and now, our school, and the whole neighboring boys school, all pick on her, gotta feel sorry for her, even if it is partly cos of her, and I dont lke her. Dont you think its bad, if one post or comment, can change your whole life, especially on instagram:(
    bye my freindie!!

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      1. oh, yeahh, in my class, theer are 3 girls, and they’re always chatting up boys, and she wanted to compete with them, so yeah. And also, she wanted to make me look stupid, because when boys try to chat me up, I be friendly and talk, as a friend, and don’t take it further than that, and pretend to not get their hints, and, i dont know this but everyone else in my class said she is just jealous? I dont understand why though, because I think 12 is a bit young to be dating, especially, in a dirty way like her.
        anyways, bye my friendie!!

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