I recently hauled a bunch of stuff from this amazing online portal called Shop and Box, and I’ve been going insane doing swatch fests and playing with all my brand spanking new makeup.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate just how pretty my haul looks, shall we?

My personal shopper, Anne, is a doll! She even wrote me a little note, see?

This website was recommended to be by Bex from our very own Blogosphere, and I thought, “Hey, why not?” Basically, what you do is just sign up, add items to a wishlist, be it whatever, and Shop and Box assigns you a personal shopper. (For me it was this lovely lady called Anne.)  You make the payment, choose the best shipping option, and voila! Done. Anne actually set the value of my stuff as $75, and that way I didn’t have to pay any sort of custom taxes. So yay! She also wrapped the hell out of EVERYTHING, in bubble wrap and crepe paper and nothing was even remotely damaged. I’d totally give this website 5/5!

Moving on.

The stuff I was the most excited about would obviously have to be Colour Pop. (Now, India does have some of their stuff on FlipKart but the prices are just insane.) I got one of their little quad thingamajigs in Rebound, and it has three shadows and one blush. I also got five individual shadows, and another blush, all of which are so pretty y’all, I’d die.


Starting with shadows/blushes, top row, left to right:
Snap Dragon, which is almost a bluey mint green, in matte finish.
Sour, a gorgeous parrot green in satin finish.

Second row, left to right:
Coconut, a beautiful teal in pearlized finish.
Ibiza, a very pretty teal in pearlized finish.
One and Done*, a beautiful medium beige in matte finish.
Too Soon*, a very pale rose in metallic finish. So hard to describe, but it’s so pretty!

Last row, left to right:
Ex*, which is a coral pink blush.
Girl Power, another slightly darker blush.
Nillionaire, super sparkly medium bronze, metallic finish.
Adios*, medium taupey shade in matte finish.

My swatching game is shite, y’all, I’ve just randomly swatched them, but anyway.

Top row, left to right: Ibiza, Coconut, Sour, Snap Dragon, Girl Power, Nillionaire.

Bottom row, left to right: Adios, Ex, Too Soon, One and Done. *The bottom row shadows are part of the quad I mentioned. Also, how sexy are these names?

I noticed that while these guys swatch beautifully, they can often be hard to blend. Also, the pans are way too small. Value for money? Still yes.

I also got one of their “lippie stix” sets (that name is a bit revolting) in Sundays in Silverlake.


Left to right:
Parker, classic nude in matte finish, the perfect MLBB shade on me.
Ace, lighter nude in cream finish. Does not work on my skin tone.
Thirsty, a gorgeous mauvey nude in satin finish.
Chel-la, sheer coral color with orange undertones, in ‘creme’ finish. (Jesus knows what the difference between ‘cream’ and ‘creme’ is!)
Pasties, bright fuschia in hyper glossy finish.
Cougar, classic red with cool undertones, in matte finish.

The lipsticks are all amazing. Even Pasties, despite the fact that I’m not a fan of gloss. However, their ultra matte lip? They suck. I haven’t really tried many liquid lipstick formulas but among the ones I’ve tried, I’d pick Kat von D everlasting liquid lipsticks as my favorite. Stila stay all day packs a punch too. Their liquid lipsticks feel and smell like whipped cream. Mmm, heaven.

Again, left to right:
Double Dare by Kat von D, which is so pretty I can’t even explain, ugh!
Zipped by Colour Pop, a pretty purple.
Patina by Stila, a rosy nude with blue undertones. Reminds me of Mehr by MAC.
Be dazzled, Colour Pop, deep purple.
Finally, Lolita by Kat von D, I saved the best for last, it’s my current go-to shade.

All five of them dry down matte, obviously, and it’s been two days, and I can’t get the Colour Pop ones to work for me. They flake and cake and crack and drag on my lips. No. No. No! The other three though, as they say, are BAE. (I STILL HATE THAT WORD.)

I also got the Vice 4 by Urban Decay and The sephora exclusive Tarte Holidaze palette called Light of the party. I won’t be keeping the Tarte one for myself – I’m giving it away as a giftie to one of my closest friends!

Light of the party.

Now that we are exhausted, what do you think of my first ever review/haul post? Should I do a similar post on the Vice 4? And just a heads up, this will still be a rant blog.


21 thoughts on “Haulin’ and Reviewin’!

  1. Great haul dear.. I really want to try shop and box..can you please tell me how much did you pay for shipping and in how many days You received the order. ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The boxer takes ten days to get everything together and then she’ll ship it to you. It takes three weeks. Plus the shipping is typically around a $100 and Shop and Box charges are 10% of how much you’ve spent. PayPal fees would be less than $10 and domestic charges – the shipping and everything Sephora charges would be less than $50.


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