I know I look like a slutty vampire. This was actually a test. To see how many people would actually end up being all judgemental and call me names.

Now, I used to be one of those people. I’d never understand why some girl would want to wear lipstick that would make her lips look like she’d swallowed indelible ink. Until I tried on this whole new very un-Sooch-ish lip color and oh my goodness, it’s like I understood everything.

For starters, my Mum screamed when she saw my lips. She looked like I’d lost it and was actually going to let some pimp take over my life. I laughed it off.

Next, I actually risked stepping out for a while.

Unfortunately, I didn’t last very long. I had to wipe that thing off my face. Speaking of wiping, I have NO IDEA what Colour Pop is playing at. These lipsticks dry down on your lips like bloody cement and refuse to come off, only flaking and caking away, and settling into the cracks like a colony of bacteria. Very unappealing.

Anyway, I had to literally tear my lips away from my skull and change my lipstick. I heard patients whispering that I needed a therapist (psst, I’m already in therapy, geniuses) and I kinda sorta felt awkward. Also, a friend of mine texted me repeatedly, asking me to change my picture on Instagram. When I said I wouldn’t, he replied, “Your funeral.”

Why does a lip colour make a girl a hooker? Add that to the list of stuff I don’t understand. Because, I realised that (gutsy) girls wear lip colors that reflect their current mood. And I gotta be a gutsy girl. High time.

My other mood.

And Soochampire is here to stay. For a long, long time. So might as well accept me for me. There’s nothing wrong with me, I know you’re all wondering THAT, I’m just doing this for a change.


I’m doing a little giveaway on my Instagram so be sure to check that out!


47 thoughts on “Say Hello To Soochampire!

      1. Oh my mom would have freaked out too, even as a 30 year old..lol. But like you, I would just laugh it off. My mom never wears makeup, so I had to teach myself how to put makeup on. I don’t wear it a whole lot, but it took awhile for me to figure out how to not look like a clown lol.

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  1. It’s about the focal point. The indigo lipstick makes a bold statement, but…that becomes the focal point of your portrait. Cool for variety, but distracts from your captivating eyes. Which should be your focal point. In my opinion. Did your Mum say anything about focal point? I guess not.

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      1. Girl i don’t know! Lol I learned two weeks ago that maybe I should keep all the crazy colors for the weekend and keep it simple during the week. Except fuschia, I refuse to not wear my fuschia to work lol

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  2. I’m glad you didn’t listen to whoever said to: 1) remove the lipstick and 2) take the photo down. Life is too short to not be crazy once in a while, lipstick or clothes will never turn you into a prostitute (your attitude will) and we should be able to express ourselves, shouldn’t we?

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