Oh my gosh, guys.

You have NO IDEA how stressful giveaways are. First off, you’ve got demanding people sending you direct messages, and begging, bullying and generally, just doing your head in, about being picked winner. Which stops getting cute after two hours. (I’m sorry but it’s hard to pick twelve winners!) Classic.

Then you have random guys pretending to be French and asking you if you’re willing to bone, and how much porn you watch and if naked bodies turn you on. My reply had something to do with the naked bodies we had to cut up in anatomy and forensics classes. Guy freaked out, blocked me, thank you sweet baby Jesus.

Moving on.

It’s Diwali, and I’ve got Firework on loop, face (I used the YSL illuminating blur primer thing) and lids primed (Lorac primer), hair in a bun, ready to go.

The first thing I do when I’m doing my makeup is the eyebrows. I used the color Fudge from the Lorac pro one palette, using an angled brush – something I’ve been doing for a couple weeks since I ran out of my dipbrow. And then I went ahead and set the brows using the Body shop clear brow gel, which is amazing and doesn’t make my brows feel like crisps.

I used the Naked one and Vice 4 palettes, both by Urban Decay, on my eyes. For the brow bone highlight, I used Virgin (Naked one); Buck (Naked one) in the crease, which I deepened using the shade Bitter (Vice 4); Hustle (Naked one) in the outer V and lower lash line; dabbed in some Sin (Naked one) around the tear duct area to open up my already giant eyes to alien proportions, and finally, the Colour Pop eyeshadow in Nillionaire on the center of the lids. (I was going for a look inspired by all them Diwali lights. Or at least, I tried. Hahaha.) For my liner I used the Kat von D tattoo liner in Trooper and two coats of the Perversion mascara by Urban Decay. This mascara really works for me, and doesn’t go clumpy, and makes my lashes look so GOOD. I don’t understand why more people don’t rave about it, it’s so unfair.

Eyes, done.


For the face, I went with a super lightweight foundation by Revlon, and blended it in with a stippling brush. Then I went ahead and contoured a bit using the Park Avenue Princess face slenderizer, which is crazy amazing and I’ve become a bit obsessed with it. Not that I’m good at it, but still. For blush I used a minimal amount of Girl Power, by Colour Pop. Finally, I added some Becca highlighter in Opal, on the high points of my cheeks, my Cupid’s bow, and bridge of the nose, and blended it out.

(I am lazy when it comes to using powders, so I just used the Stay Matte by Rimmel, to set my face, hoping I wouldn’t end up with cake face. Which anyone would loathe.)


I’ve been a fan of mixing lip colors for as long as I can remember, so here I used Audrey by Nars and went over that with Kat von D Lolita, which is my current go-to shade. This combination really works for me. Here’s the final look with some insane narcissistic posing. No filters used, and please excuse my ugly brow pimple, which I forgot to edit out.


Have a happy Diwali, y’all! Stay safe and blessed, and use electricity wisely, because this is that ONE time of the year that Indians don’t freak out about power bills. So yay.

Also, does anyone else hate crackers with a passion?


18 thoughts on “Diwali: Get Ready With Me!

  1. Milady Sooch,

    Yes, they look good. In fact, in that style, it looks like a work of art, and the full-face with the smile tells me why so many of the net’s male assholes can’t keep their mouths shut. Quite simply, you’re gorgeous; in my day, we’d have said ‘drop-dead gorgeous’, and thrown in a couple wolf-whistles (which I now know to be rude and insulting, indicating ignorance of one’s own misogyny… BTW, (not bad for an old fart, eh? I know SOME text lingo), great move with the cadaver-talk to get rid of the idiot… you can use phlegm, too, or other body fluids. Only doctors, nurses, and moms of babies can handle that kind of stuff without getting grossed out…)

    You really ARE in the wrong line of work; if you went to fashion/modeling, you’d be a sensation, in Paris, New York, and all the most revered bastions of haute coture…. So, keep writing about it; if any agents see that picture, or some of your other selfies, they’ll snap you up in a heartbeat, & get you on contract….

    gigoid, the dubious

    ps.- I had to look up ‘Diwali’ – Remember, not all of us grew up Hindu; it took me years to get the pantheon straight, and I’m still a bit hazy on all the different holidays… It can be tough on us atheists, keeping all these different Gods organized in our minds…


    g, td



    1. You are NOT AN OLD FART! I keep saying it, you won’t listen.

      It was a smart move right? Talking to the bloke about corpses? I really rather enjoyed freaking him out, he he he he. And awwwww, aren’t you the sweetest?! Thank you SO much for the compliments! And guys don’t dare mess with me, I’ve mastered the art of snubbing. Dadada.

      Also, I’m sorry, I should have mentioned some background info about Diwali. Whoops.

      And yes, I AM in the wrong field of work. Ugh.

      Liked by 1 person

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