Pray for Paris.

I’m a non-believer. I don’t go to places of worship. The last time I went to one, I saw people offer prayers and ten minutes later, saw the same people abusing the homeless outside the temple gates.

How can someone who prays, is religious, super orthodox and a huge believer, treat people that way? I couldn’t digest that. I stopped looking. I stopped believing.

India has so many terrorist attacks, ranging from everything to everything. It’s all so frequent, it’s weird when death and destruction don’t make headlines. It’s that rampant. But, came as a huge shock to me when Paris suffered a terrorist attack. What is the world coming to?

What scares me is, these people – the suicide bombers, the serial killers, every other terrorist – are smart and calculative, they pray to their God asking for a successful attack. And God listens? He probably does, I don’t know. But I’m sure He does.

Why would these attacks be successful then?

I don’t hate religion. I hate fanaticism. I hate the way religion and GOD is being used as reasons to kill. To destroy rather than create. If not create, at least preserve. What did the innocent people at the Bataclan do to anyone? This is more than just unfair, it’s barbaric. Demonic, even.

I’ve not prayed for years.

I’ll start now. I need this to stop. If God hears prayers, more people need to. Maybe this monstrosity will finally stop.


8 thoughts on “I Believe.

  1. There are good people who have a god and bad people who have a god. I don’t believe any God is helping a group of people to act in such evilness. To me, God is good. God does not want us to hurt our fellow man, regardless of their faith, culture, or color. All these attacks are proving is that there are some evil people in this world who are disillusioned, thinking a god wants this. No one wants this.

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