I cannot believe how inconsistent I’ve gotten. Remember when I’d blog everyday? Now I hardly put up one post a week! Speaking of which, I now have 201 posts up. Including this one. Go, me.

It’s like I’ve hit a dry patch, y’all. The little ranter isn’t so ranty anymore. She’s exhausted. However, WTF Wednesday is here to stay, so welcome to this super delayed new blogpisode!

I hate the holiday season. That’s when the shopping monster rears its ugly head. Too many discount codes. Too many choices. You’re left confused – even more confused than airheads trying to decide which is their right foot, after binging out on crack.


I love buying things for people, it makes me insanely happy, because to me, the joy of gifting is incomparable, yada yada yada. But I want to punch people in the face when they make you feel like the stuff you got them is beyond ugly. Like, what’s up with that? I saw something, and the first person I thought of while buying it was you, and you give me the “meh” face, really? And it kills you to take a picture and send me, after all the effort I put into the packaging? Wow. Goodbye.

Normal people pretend to be excited to be receiving presents. Even when I got bubble-wrapped fruit for my birthday, I told the person yay-it’s-so-cute (I flipped out later, but it’s a story for another day) and even took pictures of it. Me? All I got were thanks, but I’m not wearing them, not sending you pictures.

Fine. You make me unhappy, I rant about you. Stupid friends I’ve got, really. Cute, but stupid.

I had some tests last week, and my “friend” couldn’t believe that I got the same marks as he did, because he studies like crazy, and let’s be honest here, I never even say hello to my books in the morning. He accused me of hiding something, and he wanted to go see my paper. Talk about underestimating someone. This is, incidentally, the same moocher friend that dumped me in the middle of the road when his girlfriend asked him to Skype immediately. Wow. *insert applause*

I’ve really struck gold with friends, haven’t I?

Finally, I was trying to write letters to people, trying to put my thoughts on to paper, being thoughtful, I even wrote a few, and I realized I couldn’t read my own handwriting. No wonder I kept flunking school. Has this ever happened to you? (And honestly, y’all need too stop name-calling Wednesday. “Hump day”, really? Just no.)


16 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – #19

      1. I did. But I lost my ‘spark’ a while back too. Just getting back into it now but trying to get back into my creative writing as well because that took a bosh too. I try not to beat myself up about it. When it comes it comes. And I’d rather write something good than just a load of drivel for the sake of it.

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  1. yeah? but do rhyme for a dime? or do you have time? i love giving stuff to people but i’m usually broke and what i like most folks don’t…but once i give i move on…it’s nice when people show appreciation, but, to be honest i’m probably pretty ungrateful too. (i see me from a self-biased perspective) i don’t like this “season of giving”, really??? shouldn’t we always be willing to share and care. idk, maybe i’m just throwed-off…great post lilrant…

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