SOMETIMES great things do come in giant packages.

When I got home today, there was this enormous box waiting for me (an eight kilo box to be precise). Rememeber how I mentioned earlier about this swap thing I was doing with a fellow Instagrammer? Taking all the photos made me die a little. There’s just so much stuff, you guys, it’s like a super early Christmas!

Before I bombard y’all with pictures, here’s a little background info on the swap. Preet and I met online and one thing led to another, and we became really good friends. And so, we decided we’d do a gift swap, because well, HOLIDAY SEASON! I know most of you probably definitely think we’re insane, but this was a lovely experience. (Let’s all overlook the fact that we both went waaaaaaay over the budget.)

And now, I’m going to tell you this story in pictures. Obviously when I got the box, I was so excited I thought I’d bust a lung, but thank goodness I’m alive, so yay!

She actually packed everything in such super cute wrapping, see? With a sweet little note attached to each parcel! Aww.


That Buxom illuminator is pure love.
My first ever Milani stuff!
These guys are beautiful.


Betty Lou!
Urban Decay. 'Nuff said.
My first EVER single eyeshadows! Some NYX, Wet 'n Wild, Catrice, Laura Geller...

I swatched the Catrice one, and holy Momma of color payoff, it is ONE GORGEOUS shadow. *swoons*

I wish I could eat those little cupcake charms.


Did y’all pass out? I’m sorry! I promise this is the last picture. But oh my goodness, look at all the cute stationery!


Let me know if y’all want detailed reviews/ makeup looks or whatever, I’d be happy to do them! Also, I miss ranting, it’s like I’ve lost a rib. Help!


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