There are people that break up beautifully. It’s mutual, it’s clean, it’s devoid of mess. It’s also entirely mythical. People like that don’t exist.

Instead, break ups are always messy. But there’s the definitive sense. That you’ve broken up. The worst kinda feeling, ever, is probably being led on and ending up alone, in a ditch, left to emotionally die.

One of my best friends just got (for the lack of a better word) played. I’ve never seen her half as miserable. She won’t eat. She won’t sleep. She’s been constantly on alert, checking her phone to see if he’s left any texts, she’s pacing around the whole outpatient area, trying to calm down. Only, nothing is happening. 

She told me all the deets.

He was the one that apparently approached her. He talked wedding and babies and how he’d text her all day. Which is bull crap because let’s face it, who has the time to text all day? Not even the jobless hobo next door. Obviously I told my friend that she was being an arseclown of epic proportions.  But then she told me that she didn’t even ask him to. And that he was just making promises on his own. Yikes! Guys, don’t make promises involving babies and weddings and the four letter word called love, to a naïve Indian belle with inferiority complex issues. 

Because she will take you seriously. She will pick out baby names and wedding venues. She will, like a total idiot, go buy Christmas presents for you. She will start saving so she can come see you. So don’t. 

And if you want to leave, tell her that, and leave. Don’t just say, “BRB, babe” and disappear for a week. Because while you’re heartless, she has one brimming with love. For your undeserving sorry gluteus maximus.

The worst thing you can ever do to someone is lead them on and leave without warning. Like an unfinished sentence. You deserve a life sentence for that. 


18 thoughts on “The Worst Kinda Falling

  1. This is one of the most bad experience one gets when you don’t know the reason for the same. You keep on wondering what went wrong and never get the answer, a question which was never answered… The reason probably is one trusts blindly… Well life teaches many lessons with good and bad experience… Hope your friend should get rid of that soon… 🙂

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