It’s that time of the year again. Official holiday season. Boot weather. Berry lipstick. Christmas blues. Because I’m lonely as eff and stuck in the rut, craving turkey with cranberry sauce and not getting any.

(Speaking of not getting any, I DID buy myself a lot of presents so yeah, I’m sorted.)

I’m mostly done with my Christmas shopping. The only thing left over is sending stuff to friends in the States. Now, I’ve never done international shipping. Like, ever. So I obviously have no idea. When I took the box to the courier lady, she dropped a bombshell uglier than an elephant’s fart on me.

She said that the shipping would be $30 per kilo. And my box was like four kilos. It’s kind of embarrassing when the shipping costs more than the actual contents of the package. Obviously I went looking for cheaper alternatives. And when I got to the post office, it was bloody shut! Why, you stupid country, why do you take lunch breaks that last till 2045?!

And speaking of lunch breaks,  I have a sneaking suspicion that this place I have my popcorn chicken is putting sleeping pills in my food. How else do you explain my falling asleep standing? I might have drooled all over the planet. Ugh.

Such a literal WTF Wednesday.

Help me out with my shipping problem, please, my lovely fellow bloggers. I don’t wanna eat candy I got someone else. Not again. No.


33 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – #20

      1. Yeah. There should be a couple of other stores too. Maybe JCPenny and overstock. I am not sure of those two. Haven’t checked for that there but for Macy’s I’m sure. And they have really nice stuff too

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  1. First of all tell me where is that place that you eat and they put sleeping pills on the food, I have problems sleeping so that place might help me.
    Second, you could always do the “Columbus”, just get a couple of sticks, make a little canoe and sail the Atlantic.

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      1. You died? So I´m writing with a spirit!! This is freaky.

        I actually do have the solution for you, ask someone for money and tell them you´ll pay them little by little. That could be one solution that comes to mind now, maybe later I get another brilliant idea for a spirit. I could revive you though if you wanted

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      2. Then I don´t have any more solutions, so since life is not fair, I guess your friend won´t get the gifts and the money you spend on them is wasted. Tough shit, that´s life. And also not the end of the world.

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  2. I am just chuckling reading all of these smart-ass suggestions (and some very good ones). International is a huge PITA, no way around it. If I were you, I’d send the cute notes & stuff separately, then do as Gary (I think?) suggested and order it from over here. The vast majority of places have that gift option so she won’t get send an invoice. Good luck! I’ll send you some virtual turkey & fixins’ tomorrow. Xoxo

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  3. It is a pain to send something internationally. I sent a gift couple weeks ago and the shipping cost + the stupid duty charges at Delhi cost me the same amount I actually spent to buy the item and it was an expensive item to start with. Good luck, just pay for it i guess. Take care and have a wonderful day.

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