Seriously. I do.

I know I’m a ranty mouth that is  always complaining,  but I am thankful. For all the times that…

…the faucet went pswooooot ten seconds after I was done washing my hair. Otherwise I’d have to spend forever with a head full of shampoo and go bald. Not to mention that I’m super thankful for the hair that I still have.

Only in my case, it's the other way round.

…I had the exact change in my pocket and didn’t keep the Jabong guy waiting till 2045. Jabong is this website I mostly shop from and they have cash on delivery. Oooh. Yet another reason to be thankful for!

…the person next to me on the bus fell asleep on my shoulder and didn’t drool all over my shirt. Yessssss.

…Mum said I looked nice and not like a drag queen when I stepped out of the house rocking some serious drawn on byotch eyebrows.

Thank Goodness for all the times I didn't look like this!

…patients coughed in my face and didn’t give me tuberculosis. Whew.
…S’s very bratty dog, Simba, didn’t chew on my new shirts.

…didn’t fall asleep standing.  Which I’m doing a lot lately.

Story of my life.

…got hit on by cute guys who weren’t gay. Woo hoo. Apparently I’ve still got it!

…the cookie I was dunking into my cup of perfection called Earl Grey didn’t drown into it with an icky plop. I hate it when cookies do that!


…I didn’t die from second hand smoke, courtesy all the hobos at the famous Something Anna’s tea shop. I swear I was this close, y’all. To dying. On multiple occasions. 


Now, jokes apart, I’m thankful for all the amazing people I met here on WordPress. You guys are perfection. You’re ALL lovely and I am so glad to be maybe your friend! Also, shoutout to a very special friend who I met online – Preet – girl, you’re awesomesauce! SHE ACTUALLY MADE ME SOME JEWELRY,  Y’ALL. 

..been wearing the fishy earrings non stop since they came in the mail. Cute, eh?

And finally,  Happy Thanksgiving! Save me some turkey, please. With cranberry sauce. And all kinds of pie. Thank you!


16 thoughts on “Got a Lot to Be Thankful For

      1. Right back atcha! And thank you! 😉 yes, I stuffed my face so it was lovely haha. And I just got a few shirts from Madewell and one from Anthropologie on Black Friday–nothing too crazy, I couldn’t survive the crowds 😉 ❤

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