Let's take a moment to appreciate how amazing my beat up old HTC still is, y'all!

On top of the List of Stuff I Wish India Had, is *drum roll* an online Sephora that catered to Indian women AND came with cash-on-delivery! I cannot believe we’re all missing out on every good sale there is. And that I always have to pay bunches of moolah and some part of my soul to buy lipsticks from my favourite brands. 

Before I start rambling about my top seven lipsticks for the fall, let me quickly say Hallelujah. Why, you ask? November is almost gone, y’all! It’s finally official pig out on chocolate holiday season. Winter. Plaid shirts. Beanies. Endless amount of white chocolate mocha. Natural blush. Boot weather. Aaaaaaand berry lips!


Speaking of berry lips, my first favourite would have to be the Too Faced Melted Berry. It’s such a beautiful color, it’s like holiday on your lips. Also, since it’s the first ever liquid lipstick that I bought, it’s got a giant sentimental value for me. I think the applicator is really nice too. It dries down matte, which I love; it wears beautifully; plus, it doesn’t budge. Win win!

Next up is Nars Audrey, a muted, reddish plum. It’s a warm toned lipstick and looks great on most skin tones. It has a luminous finish and a traditional lipstick formula and the rich pigmentation is to die for. Nars describes it as a “one stroke lipstick” and true to that claim, it does pack a punch. All in one stroke.

The next two favorites are by L’Oréal. Bold Bordeaux is a true plum with a satin finish and a little tacky on my lips, but it’s still comfortable. Arabian Night is a dark grapey color, the darkest of the seven lipsticks I picked. It looks so nineties and compliments my skin tone really well. (I’m NC 35 in MAC.)

Arabian Night on my lips.

Captive by MAC has a satin finish and it is the neutral ish color of this batch. It is a pretty pinky purple lipstick.

Bittersweet by Urban Decay is a bright purple matte, such a beautiful color. The formula on this one is phenomenal, wears beautifully and doesn’t tug at all. What’s amazing about every Urban Decay Matte Revolution lipstick is that it actually hydrates the lips, instead of drying them out, which most other mattes on the market seem to be doing.

Finally, the Kat von D Everlasting liquid lipstick in L.U.V. I’m in LOVE with this one. It’s bold purple, it dries really fast and doesn’t cake or flake away. Nor does it settle into the cracks of the lips. And does not budge. Literally. These guys, along with the Stila liquid lipstick range called the Stay All Day, are my favorite liquid lipstick formulations, ever.

Since I don’t really wear red lipstick, and if I started talking about my favorite holiday nudes, this post would be 47926492729191926291921616 words long,  I had to limit this one to berrys and purples.

Here are some swatches of all seven of these guys.


What are your favorite holiday lipsticks? Do you have any recommendations for me?

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