Why does it bother you,
When I go quiet
When I go back to black
Shutting you out
Right out of the blue
And shutting the world out too?

Why does it upset you
When I don’t talk
When you lose track
Of where I am
When I disappear without a trace
Leaving behind a cloud of lace?

Why would you care
What I do and what I don’t
When you do the exact same thing –
The random taking off
The ignoring me
The showing up suddenly bits?

Why is it wrong
That I need some alone time
To fix everything
To heal myself
From all that you do?
Why won’t you stop

When I shut you out,
Why won’t you just go away?


Dedicated to all the monkeys that are making my life hell. I’m not even kidding here y’all. There’s a limit to being annoying and they’re more annoying than mosquitos! Ughhh.


15 thoughts on “When I Shut Down

  1. Sooch, my dear,

    As for the monkeys, try a squirt-gun filled with lemon juice, or vinegar. When they start getting close, spray them in the face with the juice. You may want to also start to carry an umbrella, in case they object to getting sprayed by throwing stuff…

    Remember, YOU are supposed to be the alpha simian…. Use the evolutionary advantage you have…. your imagination….

    Or, learn to speak monkey….


    Good luck, little one….



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