Well, hello, December.

My favorite month of the year is finally here! (Even though it started on a bad note, which I will talk about in my WTF Wednesday tomorrow, so be sure to stay tuned – you don’t wanna miss that!)

Now. Let’s talk November recap and favorites, shall we?

I’ve been reading all the old books I own and I’ve fallen in love with Wodehouse all over again. How can you stay upset when you have Wodehouse nailing it on the head when it comes to quintessential British humor? Me likey! The one I read last was Weekend Wodehouse, in case anyone was wondering and Preet sent me this fancy, washable book cover so I just HAD to pretty a book (Casual Vacancy) up. Only makes sense, right?

Never fails to cheer me up!

Next up, music. I’ve been working out a lot lately too. And good music is a must. I’ve got Concrete Angel by Gareth Emery on loop. Johnny actually told me he used to train to this song, so I thought I’d give it a try too. And it is SO GOOD.

Moving on, I’m yet to shake off my addiction to chicken tikka salad. Somebody stop me.

It gets really dry during this time of the year and if I don’t hydrate and stay moisturized, I look like a zombie wearing some crap foundation that happened to be ten shades lighter. Which is why I slather my face in Vitamin E. I feel like The Body Shop really KNOW their skincare. The Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream I’ve been using actually works wonders. Speaking of face creams, what is the correct age to start wearing anti-wrinkle products? 

I’ve stopped wearing foundation lately because I’m lazy and that’s too much work. I’ve been using this BB cream from Etude House instead and holy moly, it makes me so glowy!

I love my body butters and I’ve been loving this one called Sheer Love by Victoria’s Secret and oh my goodness, it makes your skin so soft and satiny and I can’t stop raving about this stuff. Just. So. Good. It’s got shea butter in it, and that’s me sold.

Y’all know I’m practically a lipstick hobo so, I need to show my lips extra love. The stuff I’m using right now is a scrub by Lush, and a tinted lip balm by Sugar Rosé. It comes with SPF 15 too, so win-win!


Moving on to my makeup favorites,  I can’t get enough of the Shadow Couture| World Traveler Palette Anastasia Beverly Hills. I love my Urban Decay palettes but this Anastasia one has SOMETHING I can’t explain. So darn good!

Also on the list of current obsessions: single eyeshadow from Cargo in the shade Colombia. Such a gorgeous dark matte brown. Also the perfect shade for my brows. Sweet baby Jesus.

I switched to Lorac POREfection mattifying face primer and I actually like this better than Benefit’s Porefessional.

I had no idea how good the Tarte brushes were before I got my hands on this bronzer/ blush brush and it’s pure gorgeousness!

Speaking of blush, I’ve been loving the Colour Pop ones. My favorite would be Ex from the Rebound quad I reviewed earlier. That name though. Hahha. If my ex(es) were blushes, I doubt they’d be half as pretty. (Totally unnecessary but I can’t help it sometimes.)

I have two lipstick favorites: Audrey by Nars, my perfect fall color and Marc Jacobs J’adore. Such a beautiful neutral lipstick. Also, I do have a holiday favorites post on neutral lipstick queued up, where I have a swatchfest going.


So that concludes my November favorites; tell me about all the stuff you’ve been loving and I hope y’all had a good month!

Oooh, did y’all finish your Christmas shopping? How pretty is your tree? Tell me all!


19 thoughts on “November Recap/ Favorites!

      1. Okay…. You can’t see me, but, I am doubled over, laughing at myself, picturing me in one of your blushes!….

        I don’t think it would go with my hair color…. Pewter….


        Good post…. fun.


        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sure, little one… I’ll give it a try some day….



        I’ll leave the makeup to those who know how to use it. Besides, with the best makeup job in the world, I don’t think I’d ever reach “pretty”…. My face is what it is, and shows every year I’ve lived. I EARNED my wrinkles….

        So, you use it; not that I think you need it at all; you are a lovely woman. But, I know women don’t feel right without it, so, do what you must…. But, when you post one of these, expect a little mild humor from me; I can’t resist sometimes…


        See ya, gotta go look for some sleep; been hard to find….

        Your godfather, (closest title I could think of for our relations…)

        gigoid, the dubious


        Liked by 1 person

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