This is going to be a real quick post.

There are several firsts in a person’s life. I know I seem like a monster but I’m a person too and I make mistakes. A lot. The first time I did the unthinkable and broke my makeup happened sometime last week.

And I do makeup posts these days so I really can’t post photos of broken makeup. I know you can fix it with rubbing alcohol but I didn’t know it last week. I can’t think, nor Google, when I’m having a break down. Argh.

I live in India and everything you want is either inaccessible or way too pricey – so pricey it would probably make Paris Hilton cringe. It was sold out on both Flipkart and So I went on Instagram and one of the accounts I follow had the stuff I wanted. I sent her a message asking if the stuff was authentic and she said it was.

I got extremely happy and ordered them. Hashtag gullible Sooch.

Take a look at our conversation:

In case anyone was wondering, it's parcel.

I did. I had the money banked in. This girl gave me a tracking id that always shows “Consignment not found” when you try to track it.

So I had Noorie call this person. Don’t ask why. I just did. Okay, confession: Noorie is a bloody damn good lawyer. (Go on and laugh. I don’t care.)

It’s been three days since the girl sent me the untraceable tracking id. I’ll update y’all on this if I do get my “persul”. Oh and did I mention that she asked me for my real name because I told her it was Suchie, and Noorie told her that I was her little sister? And she also asked about my religion. Like. WHAT THE ACTUAL MAJOR FUCK?

Don’t ever buy anything off Instagram sellers. Ever.


12 thoughts on “Don’t Do It!

      1. I wouldn’t normally worry too much about a font if it had been 2 different packages from the same brand but the missing printed number is a give away.. I’d tag that scamming snot and break her bubble. 😡

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  1. Soochie

    I’m sorry, little one, but I had to chuckle…. A life lesson, of the sort one keeps being presented with, until the lesson is learned…. Perhaps a few words from an ancient sage would help in the future…. Next time you get the urge to buy something that seems too good to be true, assume it is, by remembering what that ancient wise man said, to wit:

    “You can’t cheat an honest man; never give a sucker an even break or smarten up a chump” — W. C. Fields

    Besides, as I’ve said before, (or maybe not; i’m old & get confused easily…) the best makeup job is one you cannot tell is there.

    Lastly, consider this. I am like most men, and I can tell you, frankly, we prefer to see women without makeup. Seems odd to you, I know, but, it’s the absolute truth. The naked human face, to me, is much more beautiful than any of those pictures you see in Vogue. in which most of the models have so much on their faces, their actual skin color is unclear…. I personally do not like to guess….

    Anyway, you look nice with, or without….

    gigoid, the dubious


  2. Thats good to remember…but.. i actually brought something from an instagram seller from USA. I got the anastasia selfmade,and it was authentic. I was scared maybe i won’t get it or it will be a fake. But it came after 1 month. I was so happy it’s my favorite palette.

    Can you maybe post a step by step tutorial on eyeahadow applying. I love your eyeshadow looks. 🙂 🙂

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