Yep. This is a guy.

This is a beautiful specimen of a human being. Kardashian pout and pose on fleek. *shudder. I won’t say that ever. Again.*

Anyway. I met Mayra online and I’ve to admit, the first thing I thought was WHOA THAT’S A LOT OF RED LIPSTICK. Well, you know me, I don’t judge. (Sarcasm.) But this guy right here? I honestly didn’t judge.

There are a lot of Make Up Artists (MUAs) who are male and kill it every time they do a smokey eye. Just look at Manny MUA. He’s gorgeous. Flawless. Godlike perfection. There’s nothing wrong with guys wearing makeup. All thanks to Caitlyn Jenner, the world is a much better place. And everyone knows who they wanna be and how much lipstick they wanna wear. Heck, my MAC guy rocks a nude lip and cat liner better than I do. And in my defence, I do a bang up job. Now, moving on.

Mayra is sweet, nice and vivacious. He’s a GOOD person. There’s nothing wrong with him wanting to be a girl. Nothing. There’s nothing wrong with talking to me, someone in the medical field, about the pros and cons of HRT and gender reassignment surgery. I’m only happy to talk people through.


Sometimes he talks about it when I’m eating my salad. And I like to leave the icky mechanics of surgeries in the OR or the library. And NOT WHILE I’M HAVING LUNCH. Argh. He also addresses people as “baby” and doesn’t hesitate to show off his tan long legs. Now that makes me super uncomfortable, but hey, let live, right? Like I admire the guy’s ball-ies. Takes a lot of courage to post selifes rocking a full face of makeup when you’re an Indian male. *applause, standing ovation, whistles*

At first I didn’t mind the “baby”ing and the photos but now I’m getting sort of er… welp. I don’t want to see unmentionables!

I know a lot of people feel that this is a perversion. It’s not. How you live your life is a personal choice. But then you gotta watch how far you take your pout because sure as hell I don’t want you touching my face! Also the photos with the legs. Who knows what’s coming next?

This is the only issue people have with Mayra. He sometimes over steps the boundaries. Poor thing.

Mayra as a boy.

If you’re reading this, know that I love you and you’re awesomesauce but you gotta draw the line sometimes.


14 thoughts on “People I’ve Met – Volume 1.

  1. I agree with everything (especially about Manny Gutierrez, my God, is he amazing!!) but I don’t agree that the world is a better place thanks to Caitlyn Jenner. I think the Kardashian family’s thirst for fame got to Caitlyn and it is impossible to take her or the rest of her family seriously.

    But Manny? Sigh. 🙂 I want to learn makeup from that dude.

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      1. Omg I was about to write “unless you were being sarcastic” in brackets but then my sleep-deprived brain reconsidered lol. Hahaha yes I got the joke. 😛
        God, yes and eyelash application.

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  2. Very good for Mayra! Yes, Caitlyn put Transgender issues a bit more into the mainstream culture. Unfortunately tho, there is a lot prejudice in the world and it makes for a really hard life on those without the income that Jenner has…Support to Mayra!!

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  3. It takes a very strong persona to be yourself in a place that will often punish such expression; my kudos go out to him, and, to you, for your tolerance, compassion, and intelligence in recognizing his humanity above all else….

    I guess I can also congratulate your parents, for giving you the background to possess such tolerance…. The Dalai Lama would be proud of you….

    And, so am I….


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  4. Best legs I EVER saw were on a man in Manila. Talk about a head-turner. Best lips I ever saw were on a ‘man’ I met in a Fet Club. I was rejected by him/her for being too ‘straight’. Beauty is beauty. But that’s WAY too much lipstick…

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