I’ve been having a crappy day, y’all. I sent a box to the States, only it got stuck in customs and they opened the package and took off the wrapping and crap.

Let’s not talk about that anymore. Also, yay! This is going to be my very first official STFU Saturday. *eats cake*

Now, normal people have fun during the holiday season. Me? I stick my head in the figurative microwave, and stew away. When you’ve got tests peppered with annoying house guests, every holiday season, you’re not supposed to be blogging. You’re supposed to be mugging away, and behaving, right?


Not me. 

Imma talk about eyeshadow palettes. Wearing a polar bear onesie. (Even though it’s swelteringly hot.) Like a boss. For the greater good. Since my fellow lovely bloggerettes need palette guidance. You’re welcome. 

First up, I like this little duo from Bare Minerals called The Promise.  It’s got a champagne shadow called Aspire, which is a perfect brow bone and inner corner highlight. It’s shimmery without being chunky.

The other shade, Vow, is a mauvey shade, completely matte without being powdery and it is such a beautiful crease color.

Both these shadows have zero fallout. They’re richly pigmented and wear beautifully.

The Promise.
Swatched on my hand. Terrible lighting. How unprofessional!

Next up, we’ve got a trio by NYX called Love in Rio 20: Showgirls Exposed. That name though. 

This is a cool toned little palette. It comes with three shimmery shades.

The first shade from left is the darkest color in the palette, a shade of charcoal perfect for the holiday season, when you want to pull off a sexy smokey eye.

The middle shade is a sparkly ivory, another beautiful highlight shade.

The last one, a light gray, can be used as a lid color. 

Love in Rio 20: Showgirls Exposed.
Again, terrible lighting.

Finally, we have the Dolce Vita quad by Charlotte Tilbury. 

It comes with four shadows – the first one from the top left is a warm toned beautiful cream color. It has a satin finish and a backlit sparkle, if you will.

Going clockwise, the next shadow is a terracota-y shade which you can totally use as a crease color. I’m obsessed with this one, y’all.

The third color is a brown with (in my opinion but I might be color blind) slightly greenish undertones. You can use this to smoke out the lower lash line.

The final color is a va va voom, in your face, bronzey, chunky, glitter shadow. I have a hard time working with it unless I use a fix+, but you know, holiday season – gotta have that starlight bling. (LOL.)

The Dolce Vita.


I picked these guys because they’re tiny and can fit into my travel makeup bag.

What are your favorite holiday palettes? 


13 thoughts on “STFU Saturday – #1

  1. the charlotte tilbury shadows look absolutely beautiful! I’ve wanted to try them for forever πŸ™‚
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

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  2. Since I haven’t a clue as to the actual meaning of ANY of what you said above, before the last few lines, on that I will STFU…. However, you know me, gotta chime in….

    My Christmas palettes involve the distinctive shades one can find in a fine bourbon in the candlelight….

    Personally, I like Jack D., but, Knob Creek has a delicate amber hue that almost glows, to go with a smooth finish….


    gigoid, the ruggedly not-handsome….


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