Excuse me if you can’t understand my typo filled sentences. That’s because I can’t tuoe anymore. But first off, thank yiu for so many thinhs. I’ve never tasted sand. Not until you ran me over with your motorcycle and I fell and hurt myself. I didn’t even realize I’d gottne hit till I saw blood. Not a lot. A little.

Thank you for not even apologizing ro me. I’ve never felt so small. Like my life isn’t worth it.
I’ve to do a ton of paperwork but now, thanks ti you, I can’t write for weeks. And I have a test tomorrow. I wish you’d go write for me.

Have you woken up from nightmares over and over again, screaming?

That’s me noe. Only it hurts to lie down. To eat. To breathe. I’ve been throwing up because the pain is a thousand times worse than the ones caused by my dysmenorrhoea. And the best part? A cocktail of painkillers ain’t helping shite. My skin feels like it’s on fire all the time. I still forgive you though. I tried being vengeful once, it took a toll on me, so you’re one free chicken. 
Only, I wish you’d apologized. I’m a strong person and I walked it off – to the grocery store I was going to when you hit me. Bad idea. I don’t think my leg would feel normal again.

Seriously, who talks on the phone while riding their motorcycle? And who hits a pedestrian randomly in the middle og a deserted lane? Don’t do it the next time.

Also, thanks for showing me my body is weak and can’t take a pounding. One tiny accidnrt and I’m hobbling like an eighty year old with arthritis. Can’t look in the mirror without wincing. I look like a dalmatian. All of me is dotted with purple and painful bruises. Lucky thing I am right? Nothing is in pieces.

Thank you for nearly wrecking me.


PS: You also showed me who my true friends are. One bitch actually suggested I rant about this, and that’s it. Not even a show of fake concern. So thank you. That bitch is now ancient history.


78 thoughts on “Open Letter To The Guy That Almost Killed Me

  1. Sooch, I am so sorry. What the f*ck is wrong with these people! You don’t have to respond to me, I see you’re too much in pain to type back. But I am just so sorry!!!! It’s so much f*cking crap. Get better, I will give you my prayers. Hugs and kisses.

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  2. Sore Soochie…

    Ouch! Worst ever selfie, eh? Had/has to hurt, a lot, and for a while, too. Pobrecita… Oops, wrong country, & I can’t find a Bengali translator software that will translate it…. It’s Spanish, for poor little girl!

    That aside, I must say, this is, absolutely, my favorite rant/post of all of yours; as you know that says a lot (Do I say/mean what I mean/say? Hmmm… must consider…) Anyway, most excellent rant, damn near a metaphorical Apache Indian torture, bad news for the guy’s karma…. (I mean the Death of 1000 cuts… one of their favorites…the Apaches…). Subtle, and yet, compassionate. Nothing like guilt to make a guy suffer….

    ‘Course, a butthead wouldn’t be smart enough to feel guilty… probably cheats when he plays golf with his Dad…

    I ’bout busted a stitch while reading this one. Well, if I had any stitches, I woulda… Not at your pain; at your wit….




      1. My dear, it’s clear he came without, and left without, a brain big enough to handle what he was doing… It must be hard to watch porn and ride a bike at once… I doubt, seriously, he was reading a text… In fact, I’d wager serious money he can’t read, much less read and ride a bike…

        From here, I could see that…


        He’s an idiot, in case that wasn’t clear….

        gigoid, the dubious


  3. Sorry sheeeshsticks…you are one strong chicka…you will be up and running soon and dude what’s this about your body being a grandma? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  4. Terribly frustrating. That effing effer should be effing found and effing run over over and effing over again. Effing no good useless bastard. That dumb shit should be relegated to being chased by a pack of suicide bombers while peddling a tricycle wearing an over-sized helmet. I wish I had something to say to cheer you up. Please have a speedy recovery. You have a lot of support and love out here Soochie.

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  5. Hope you get better, that injury on your hand looks horrific. Karma is a beautiful thing, and that idiot-on-a-rented-motorcycle will get his just desserts, don’t you worry about that. Anyways wishing you a happy New Year 2016!


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  6. You are strong not to succumb to absolutely hating the S.O.B!!! I have fallen prey easily to hate and vengeance. Not a good thing.. Cause I learned that if I do that, folks get away from me, and the only person I have left to hate is the face I see in my mirror. I believe this, people who do such things, if they have any shred of a conscience, will be faced with their own demons, and it happens, those unfortunates, commit suicide. I have seen folks do that to themselves..So yeah I can say all this..But forgiving this man, is so much stronger of you. Feel well, you are on the right path in my book.

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  7. Hmm, this is interesting. Not sure if this is actually true or not but it’s still written very emotionally. I like that. By the way, Mon brought me here from Life of Mon. I like this post. Thank you for sharing. πŸ™‚

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