Remember how I mentioned in my post yesterday about not being friends with this person anymore? Turns out another friend read my blog and thought it was about her. Argh.

Look at the nice telling off I got this morning:

Ouch. Burn.

She was so mad at me she even misspelled my name!

What a way to get myself into a pickle. Classic Sooch.

It’s hurtful though. When you’re friends with someone and they tell you that you’re not good at anything but ranting, while they’re administering a tetanus shot into your deltoid. WHICH IS PAINFUL ENOUGH BY ITSELF. It’s just that I was friends with this girl. I got her birthday presents and gave her makeovers. What did she do instead? She lost me an instagram friend whose makeup collection is to die for. Ugh!

(And she is terrible at giving people injections.)

Also it’s not even remotely chilly out here. And I’m wearing sweaters and red lipstick to make myself feel better.

Has the same thing ever happened to you? You were referring to someone and someone else thought you were talking about them?


53 thoughts on “I’ve Got a Problem.

      1. Yeah, she sounds pessimistic. It’s funny how she mentioned that you consider yourself the heroine of everyone’s story, when she was so quick to assume your post was about her!!
        And I just read your open letter, I hope you’re feeling better now. So sorry about that. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ xx

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  1. I’ve had something similar many years ago – all you can do is leave it. You know the message you were sending, if they get offended by it to me it’s a sign of guilty conscience. Are you feeling any better today?

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      1. I rarely look at the stats, I just write what I want not giving much thought to other people, I wonยดt lie, itยดs good to know that they actually read me and I can maybe entertain them would be hope, seems it works but I donยดt sit down in front of wordpress and ask myself “what do people want to read?” Not my style, for better or for worse. Itยดs also quite important for me to have fun with what I write, which strangely enough I always have.
        Conclusion, do what you do whatever you want to do that makes you happy to do.


  2. It’s Pink, no ?
    Umm nevermind.

    Such things happened with me a lot. No wonder I don’t have any friends. This one time, one guy ganged up with a bunch and centered me. I had to take the post down, though.

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      1. No worries; drama only has the effect we give it; kinda like choosing our reality. Just try to confine it to that which other people dump on you. Don’t take part, and it will eventually leave you alone….

        Of course, the lesson still counts….

        Once we learn what and what can’t be said, online, or, in person, we know what kinds of things NOT to say, to keep it to a minimum….

        From my work, I’ve had enough drama to last several lifetimes, so, it’s not allowed inside my house; got a sign on the door that says so….


        Let it go, little one; it only hurts until you do…



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  3. Perhaps you could leave an equally heartless comment, pointing out all her spelling errors in response! In all seriousness, though, I am so very sorry you had to go through this, but as you seem to have realised based on your comments above, if your friendship was so weak that it broke over something like this (because clearly there wasn’t enough trust for her to realise a TRUE friend would never do that, so it couldn’t have been about her) perhaps you guys were never truly friends to begin with…And as for buying her gifts and makeovers – sorry hun, that doesn’t buy friendship! But here’s wishing that now that she’s gone, that leaves place for better friendships in your life.. Sending you warm wishes, and positive vibes friend! โค ๐Ÿ™‚
    p.s. Itโ€™s Adi from The Happy Lifeaholic โ€“ I spontaneously deleted my old blog in September, and since you were one of my regular followers, I just wanted to drop you a note saying Iโ€™ve created a new one that I hope youโ€™ll drop by sometime. Itโ€™s โ€“ ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Honestly it was a mix of being way too busy with grad school, having my blog link up to my actual off-blog identity and since there were a lot of super personal things on my blog, I panicked and deleted my blog..

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  4. Aww…that message, well, I could actually be a “good-er” friend had I actually interacted with you in person. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Social anxiety would get me but I might manage, LOL. But I just wonder, did she do anything similar to that other friend? Or else why would she think it was about her?

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