Dear DL,

Happy Birthday! I hope I’m not too late, wishing you at this (ungodly) hour of the day. But you know me. I have the weirdest timing in the whole entire world.

Did you get cake? I hope you did. Save me some!

I love you. And how awfully patient you’re always with me. And the way you always say “my dear wife, Karen” each time you talk about Mrs. B.

I love how you always take time out of your busy skedge to talk to me and ask how I’ve been. And if I’m making relationship mistakes. And thank you for putting your foot down when I almost ran off with this blogger guy that had (has?) NO CLUE I even existed. That would’ve been embarrassing. Me showing up, him going, “Who the blazes are you!?” Yikes. You totally saved my neck. And air fare. Hahaha. I’m insane. But you already knew that and still stuck around. Even called me your Bengali daughter. That’s the sweetest thing, ever.

I hope you have an amazing year ahead, my lovely DL. (Not gonna tell people what “DL” means.) Someday, I hope to meet you. And Mrs. B. And Ellie. That would be fun! I’m terrible at expressing stuff that matters because let’s face it – I’m only good-for-ranting – and I can’t talk sense. But I hope this made sense to you and that you realize how much you mean to me. Even when we don’t talk so much. 

Once again, have a lovely birthday!
Your Bengali daughter,

I started these posts on October 16, when I posted about Todd. I’ll do a post on each of my favorite bloggers’ birthdays because I love y’all so much. I hope I made DL smile. This isn’t much but then this is me.

Dang, I wish I had air miles. Just so I could go see him! Anyone up for giving me theirs? I’d always be grateful.



8 thoughts on “To The Best DL Ever.

  1. You are the best Bengali daughter, ever, LR! Your rants and your tender side are both much loved here, and don’t you ever forget it. Mrs. B, Ellie B and Elisabeth think so, too. Thank you for your great birthday wishes. ❤

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