I just got Twitter. Halleluijah.

Just what I needed. More social media! As if Instagram wasn’t enough. Why did I do that? I’m sure I’m gonna get hooked and be hooked for about ten days and then quickly get bored and delete that ish. As for my username… Erm. I couldn’t find anything else. Hence Rafa’s Mum.

Are y’all on Twitter? I’d love to stalk you! Also, how does one use this crap?

Find me there!



12 thoughts on “Tiny Update🙌

  1. OMG!

    Now you’re in for it!

    Give it a week, then, just say NO…..

    I’m there, but, only answer direct tweets… Besides, I’d hate to actually have to someday say the words, “I tweeted….” ANYTHING…. Just doesn’t sit well with me, having the word Twit in the same sentence as my name….


    Good luck….


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